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A Simple Guide to Building a Shed in Your Garden

A shed can add useful space to your garden that can be functional or for entertainment purposes. It is also a much easier process than you would think. First, you need to make sure that you comply with your local government’s building regulations. In the UK, for instance, a building that is less than 15 square metres doesn’t need any approval. With a few good hand tools and the right timber, you can have your shed up and ready within two weeks or less.


A Simple Guide to Building a Shed in Your Garden


Decide on a Location

Unless you have a crane at your disposal, you won’t be able to move a shed once it has been built. Choose a spot that is far from high walls and away from areas where water may collect. Also, don’t build at the bottom of the hill because there is more moisture and a risk of flooding during heavy rainfall.

You want the shed to be a good distance away from too many trees. Poor ventilation and high humidity can rot wood and cause mould. There are also lots of little furry creatures that live in trees. Be sure to build far enough away that they can’t use the tree to access your shed. It will also avoid anything from falling from the tree and damaging your structure.

Design the Roof

Before you cut the timber for the walls, you need to design the roof. The style will determine the material as well as the height of the walls and door. To decide on the roof that will best suit your needs, think about what you will be using the shed for. For storing garden and household tools, roof shingles and corrugated roofing are good options. Both are very durable and weather-resistant, so your power tools will be safe from rain and wind.

Corrugated roofing is ideal for an outside entertainment area. The metals used are particularly strong against outside elements and are the most common material used to protect a shed from heavy storms. Try out the trusted Corrapol stormproof roofing solution to keep the inside of your shed warm and dry while you watch some movies. Made with a resin-based see-through material, doing Corrapol PVC installation yourself is quite simple with an instructional guide. For your DIY shed needs, this Corrapol PVC roofing is probably your best solution.

Go Shopping for Tools

You will need a range of power tools and carpentry items to get the job done, such as a hammer, handsaw, flat bar, framing squares, measuring tape, stamping tool, and a leveller. For heavier machinery, you want a cordless drill with a hammer function and circular saws of different sizes.

In terms of safety equipment, you will need eye protection such as safety glasses, steel-toed shoes, thick masks to cover your mouth, and strong leather gloves. Make sure you also have thick clothing to prevent pieces of sharp wood or hot sparks from getting on your skin.

A Simple Guide to Building a Shed in Your Garden

Prepare the Foundation and Frame

Start by clearing the area of grass, sticks, and other debris. Take your stamping tool and level the ground out to make it as even as possible. The best pieces of concrete blocks or wooden slats won’t support your shed if it isn’t placed evenly on the ground.

Next, lay the foundation with a layer of compacted gravel at least 10 centimetres deep. Start laying the floor panels. Place the flooring planks close enough that each piece is touching. Now you can start cutting thinner pieces of timber to create a frame for the shed. Reinforce the frame into the floorboards by screwing them in place with screws at least 40mm thick. Insulate the frame with a thick piece of plastic and foam for added heat. Be sure to place the insulation behind the frame.

Put Up the Walls and Roof

Now, it’s time to cut the wall planks into the correct sizes with your power saw. Join the first corner piece with screws into the floor boards and place screws about 10cm apart. Screw the next piece the same way until you have completed the first wall. Avoid wood splitting by making pilot holes before you drill. You will need to put up two wall planks between the frame, one inside the shed, and one outside. Don’t forget to keep a space to install the door.

Rafters are needed with some trusses for added support. To brush up your rafting skills, check out this handy article – it is quite an involved process. The last real step is to board the roof with waterproofed timber and more screws to keep it in place and install the roofing material you have chosen.

Building your own shed is a fun activity and won’t cost a fortune if you shop around. With just a few hours of hard labour a day, you can have your shed ready in almost no time at all. Remember that safety comes first so don’t neglect buying the right equipment to avoid hurting yourself.

Check out this useful article by the Hardie Boys if you are considering whether truss or rafter is right for you. 


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