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A simple, stylish bathroom makeover

January is the month where the excesses of Christmas are firmly put away and as a nation we declutter, lose weight, get fit and get organised. Well that is our intention. new year, new start and all that. it is a time of year when many people want to refresh, organise and sort out their home too.

I must say I looked around our home once the decs were down and though t how much it needed refreshing. It just looked very gloomy and cluttered and the old bin and bathmat and accessories box were really not helping.

Oh dear i am a bit embarrassed to show you this….

bathroom mess





Yes determinately not looking fresh and inviting is it!

I like a white, clean fresh looking bathroom so I knew exactly what it is I wanted.

Homebase have some lovely and inexpensive bathroom accessories and I made myself a little plan of what I needed to buy and what I need to do.

First of all I had a declutter and got all the toiletries stashed away and I repainted the bits that needed painting with a white tester pot with a brush in the lid. It took such a short time and made such a big difference.

Then (my favourite part) I went accessory shopping at Homebase.

My plan was to really simplify, unify and refresh my bathroom

A simple bathroom refresh


Aren’t these just the perfect accessories for a clean and uncluttered bathroom style

They were great value too. Homebase is really well priced and you get a lot for your money, you alos get a huge amount of choice both online and instore.

I was also to purchase a couple of practical items. The seal at the bottom of our bath screen was discoloured and rather manky looking and was easily replaced and refitted with this Aquaflux bathscreen seal


shower seal


Also at Homebase we found a real treat for our bathroom, a luxury gel headrest for the bath. I do so love to really relax in a bath and especially to read. This does the job perfectly and we are absolutely delighted with it.

luxury gel headrest


I also purchased coordinating white towel sets and a lovely Aloe Vera plant to add a touch of green. House plants are a big thing in interiors in 2016 and I do rather love them but I only went for the one so as not to create additional clutter.

Are you ready for a peek into our refreshed bathroom





Co-ordinated fresh and simple accessories just make so much difference don’t they. I have to say we are so pleased with this room it really has spurred us on to do the rest of the house. Minus the towels, the accessories totalled around £80 and I think it looks like far more time and effort were spent on the room than actually were.


I like the understated and hygienic feel of the white but it is the freshness that appeals to me most I think it just looks such a calm and clean place to be in comparison to how it looked before.

Okay onto the next room…I will stick to my new years resolutions this year and I will get this cluttered and disorganised home of ours whipped into shape!

I think the key is to define your look, keep it simple, minimise clutter and to have a plan and a budget to keep you on track.





Accessories provided by Homebase for the purpose of review. All opinions my own



  1. January 11, 2016 / 6:10 pm

    Wow its amazing what a few simple changes can achieve. I love your choice of products and of course, the white ! xx

  2. Penny A Residence
    January 11, 2016 / 2:55 pm

    Amazing the difference a few items make, really makes it sparkle again! Must do mine – you have inspired me!
    Penny A Residence recently posted…At Home: Be KindMy Profile

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