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A Stylish Gaming Bean Bag Recliner


Gaming Bean Bag

Gaming bean bag review

I never thought I would be doing a gaming bean bag review. I make no secret about the fact that I like my kids to be out and about, I like them to read, bake and to create. I have never been a huge fan of them gaming. But they love it – so an hour of screen time each day is carefully planned so they can do ALL those other things too (plus their school work) and still get to chill with their Playstation.

I have often worried though bout them sitting hunched over and often thought about maybe getting them a special chair to game from.

Our house is small  and the thought of a big gaming chair in the lounge mad eme go eek. It is not my ideas of style.

That is, it wasn’t my idea of style until I saw the beautiful gaming bean bags at Bean Bag Bazaar.

Now these were stylish! We were so delighted to be sent one of these bean bags to review.

I love the high back to support the kids ( and my OH as they game. I love that they are faux leather and blimey they are a good price! They are currently just £42.99 which for a huge adult size chair is pretty astonishing right?

It comes in cream, white, tan, chocolate and black and in a range of materials

The Gaming Bean Bag Recliner also comes in a luxuriously soft faux suede fabric in neutral tones of chocolate and cream –  and outdoor weatherproof versions of this chair are also available.




Key features of the gaming bean bag recliner

This is a really well made as well as a super stylish bean bag and it is really comfortable too. Let’s have a little look at its key features.

• Double stitched for extra strength.
• Double zipped for extra security.
• Cover and filling complies to UK Furniture Fire Safety Regulations.
• Zip heads are covered – prevents scratches on the floor.

Approx size:
• Floorspace required 1m
• Height 1m



I am happy because it is one super good looking and well-priced bean bag that looks great in our lounge, providers extra seating and supports my kid’s backs.

My kids and my OH are happy because they find their new chair comfy and great to game from.

So I would say this lovely bean bag is a win!

Do pop on over to Bean Bag Bazaar and take a peek at all their lovely bean bags..they are lovely lovely lovely and there is a big range!


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