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A Travel Bucket List for 2023

It’s been a while …

I don’t know about you but I have not been abroad for ages,  due to the pandemic and writing commitments I haven’t left the country in over 3 years and my feet are itchy! Travel is important to me and something I love to do especially with my kids in tow. I think it is so good for kids to see as much of the world as possible, it opens their eyes to other cultures and landscapes, helps them embrace diversity and bring s them a sense of adventure.

It’s time we were on the move!  So with all that in mind  I am really looking toward 2023-2024 and thinking about all the places I long to visit and wanted to share my travel bucket list for 2023 with you.

There are so many places I long to visit it is pretty tricky to pin it down but of course pin it down i must! I do have to squeeze work and school in along the way and of course I do have to be mindful of budget. 


A Travel Bucket List for 2023

There are many places I could add to the list but to avoid being greedy I will  tell you my top 4.



I have always loved Paris my husband proposed to me there, I  went as a teen to visit my pal who au-pared there and I  am a huge art fan I have, however, never taken my kids and I just long to show them  the Sacre Coeur, L’orangerie and Rodin’s gardens, Montmartre and the Eiffel Tower.  It isn’t far from the UK to Paris and maybe we would pop over on the train as I have never yet ventured on the Eurostar.  I would just love to show my kids all the places that I adore. 



How I would love to take  a flight from London to Johannesburg that really would be a dream come true. My main reason for going would to be to visit the amazing national parks and try and get a glimpse of the big 5. I love to see animals in their natural habitats and this would be such an incredible experience for my kids too. I’ also love to visit Soweto and of course the famous old city of Pretoria. The rich cultural history of South Africa is fascinating and I ‘d have to take in the apartheid museum too 



Again I’d probably hop on the train for this one but I would really love to visit Amsterdam, take in the canal boats and tulips and see the Van Gogh museum and Anne frank’s hideaway. I think for this trip I would go solo. I love to travel by myself and Amsterdam seems an easy tip and one I long to do. 



I really fancy taking a flight from London to Sao Paulo I think it would be quite crazy (it’s the 4th most populated city in the world) but I also think it would be an amazing trip packed with fun. From rainforests to buzzing nightlife, restaurants from every culture and the best shopping and architecture it really would be an action packed but culturally rich  experience.


So these are my top 4 where are you hoping to visit over the next year or two? I  would love to hear your travel plans? 


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