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Accommodation thoughts for students

today – accommodation thoughts for students

Accomodation thoughts for students


Accommodation thoughts for students

When a student goes to study at college or university that is far from home, the question of accommodation should be dealt with as early as possible.

Not every college offers the opportunity to live on campus, and decent apartments for rent are gone super quickly. Here are the accommodation options a student has when they choose to study far from home: halls of residence/living on campus; renting an apartment; hostels; college apartments provided by an educational institution; homestay. Some students choose to stay with their relatives or extended family during the course of study. Ther are so many options.

The most traditional option which the majority of students choose is to live on campus.  This way, you are close to your college building. This provides great chances to socialize and get to know other students. Don’t get discouraged if the interior design of your campus building is different from the school design style as the main goal of the administration is to provide you with decent but rather simple accommodation.


Living on campus

If you decide to live on campus, you will most likely have to share a kitchen and a bathroom. There will also likely be options to get a single or a double bedroom. The latter will be shared with another student. Possibly, someone, you don’t know.

If you live on campus, there are certain rules you need to adhere to: do not make any noise after certain hours, respect each other’s privacy,  keep your room clean and so on.

When you choose to rent an apartment or flat or shared house you are free to select from a variety of choices available on the market. Fewer rules to follow too!  In case you have been enrolled in some design school that does not offer the option of living on campus, renting accommodation may be the only choice for you. If the prices are too high, the most reasonable thing to do is to find a roommate to split the cost. What is more, it is a great opportunity to make new friends

Homestay options could include living with a family and renting one private room in a big house. You have may a private bathroom as well or you might need to share. The kitchen will obviously be shared. In such cases, meals can be provided which is a huge advantage for a student. What is particularly beneficial about this option is the atmosphere or a real home and that feeling of family which you will most likely miss while you are away from your parents. What is more, this option is typically cheaper than renting an apartment on your own.



The disadvantages of homestay could include lack of privacy,  a lot depends on your personal preferences and on your way of life. It is rather hard for some students to adjust to the living style of other families or to adhere to their rules. In the UK honestly, accommodation is far less common.

Accomodation thoughts for students


Hostels might be a good short-term option but it is highly unlikely you will enjoy living in a hostel during the whole academic year. Yet, booking a room at a hostel is a great option when you have just come to study at a chosen educational institution from another country, and you have not yet decided where you want to live. Living in a hostel gives you plenty of time to think about it. While you have a place to stay, to sleep and to shower, take your time to look through all available apartments for rent or visit the campus administration office to find out whether there are any available rooms on campus. Sometimes students tend to change their minds which presupposes that a bedroom on-campus might suddenly become available. That is why it is important to go check and to leave your contact information in case anything comes up.

.As soon as you living on campus, there are certain organizations and services that help you make yourself at home. Every college or university has a team on campus that is responsible for making sure the move-in process goes smoothly.

In US colleges there are campus police, campus administration and janitors whose main job is to make sure everything is alright. If someone is being too loud after curfew while you are trying to deal with your social justice writing assignment, for example, you can inform campus administration about the situation. A lot of students continue studying at night and they need peace and quiet to come up with a well-written assignment. In case your neighbor decides to have a party, it will definitely disrupt your studying process  and you may well need to report this.

Lots of things to consider for students in relation to accommodation issue in relation to noise, to privacy and to sharing.

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