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A perfect bedroom on a budget

A perfect bedroom on a budget

perfect bedroom on a budget

A perfect bedroom on a budget


A perfect bedroom on a budget

Are you looking to create a perfect bedroom on a budget?

There is nothing better than staying in a five star hotel, one that is filled with everything you could ever possibly need for your stay. With the spaces filled with a high quality comfort and elegance, no matter which room you go into. After being surrounded with such high-class it can be difficult to go back to your bedroom at home, feeling like you wish you were back in the hotel room.

I think you will love my  post on howot have a fabulous bedroom on a budget

Below are a few ways that you can bring 5 star luxury into your bedroom without the 5 star price tag.


How to create that perfect bedroom on a budget

It is easy when you know how!


Use Plush Throw Pillows

 perfect bedroom on a budget


It may seem a little strange, but if you have a lot of throw pillows on your bed, it can give a luxury feel. Rather than just having the pillows on your bed that you are going to sleep on, you should consider adding to your bed, pillows that are luxury and overstuffed. Don’t just buy matching throw pillows however, get creative with it and don’t worry about them matching. You can use the pillows to bring out your room, so go with different prints and textures to do so.


Listen & Enjoy Music In Your Room – to create a perfect bedroom on a budget

 perfect bedroom on a budget


While it may sound a little strange at first, sitting and enjoying music whilst being in your room is now a luxury that we all have available at any time of the day. Having wireless speakers and sound systems which will allow for relaxing music to be played. All of this helping to create a similarly relaxing atmosphere you would find in a 5 star hotel. Pulling down your blackout roller blinds to help set the mood and create a perfect environment to be undisturbed.


Give Your Lighting An Upgrade in your perfect bedroom on a budget



Lighting is not often the first thing people would think about when creating a luxury bedroom. Having the correct lighting can instantly transform your space, especially adding lighting for specific tasks. Examples of this would be having mood lighting, task lighting and having a unique overhead fixture. Many design experts recommend going for a warm light, which will help to give your room a soothing and cozy feel. If you’re happy with your current fixtures and don’t want to spend more money to change them, simply changing your bulbs to a warmer colour would be the best option.


In your perfect bedroom on a budget create designated areas


A perfect bedroom on a budget


When you stay in any hotel room, you will usually find that there is more than just a bed. Instead, there are areas where you can relax and have a conversation. Therefore, there is no reason why you cannot do this at home, perhaps a few comfortable chairs and a table. This will help to create a place you can enjoy your morning coffee whilst flicking through the newspaper.


Have A Neutral Colour Scheme in a perfect bedroom on a budget

 perfect bedroom on a budget


If you are looking to create the ideal luxury room that screams elegance, then a neutral colour scheme can help create that. Having a neutral colour scheme on your walls, will mean you can bring in luxury colours through your rooms accessories. It’s always a good idea to have a colour palette in mind before you begin painting.


Make a perfect bedroom on a budget You’d Be Happy To Spend Time In

Of course, when it comes down to it, you need to create a room that you would be happy to spend time in. A luxury bedroom shouldn’t just be available at a hotel, so why not bring a luxury feel into your bedroom at home. Hopefully the tips and tricks that have been mentioned in this post will help you give your bedroom a five star rating, worth of a great TripAdvisor review!


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