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How to add small dashes of colour to the home

Colour can make all the difference to any home. The right shade, or use of patterns, can create character, add warmth and depth, and form the basis of a theme for your home, as well as adding textures and complementing your own personality. Deciding to redecorate, or to refresh your home with a splash of colour, is always exciting. With so many colours, and seemingly endless combinations, how do you decide what to choose?


colour to the home


While the idea of covering all four walls with a single colour, or keeping things neutral, can be tempting, it’s perhaps time to explore the merits of small dashes of colour. But why? What’s wrong with plastering your walls, floor and windows with every shade that’s ever been imagined? Colour adds personality, after all. However, take a moment to think about what it would be like to live with such a barrage each day; the chances are you’d soon tire of the endless swathes of colour, while such adventurous decorating can be costly and time consuming. Small dashes of colour are capable of creating striking contrasts and effects, as well as complementing your home’s character, and rooms’ themes – often far more competently than large, bold blocks of pigment. If you’re ready to embrace a new decorating challenge, and to refresh your home in the simplest of ways, read on for a little inspiration.


Clever ways to add colour to your home

There are a number of ways that you could add a dash of colour to your home without going mad, and ideas that are suitable for every budget. From painting and wallpapering, to coordinating accessories, your home is about to undertake the makeover it’s been dreaming of.


A wall, a door or a windowsill

The most obvious way to add colour to your home is to decorate its walls, though you then run the risk of dominating each room with blocks of paint that then overshadow your property’s striking natural features. Instead of decorating a whole room, try introducing colour via one wall –  a feature wall. Whether you wallpaper or use paint, a feature wall will stand out far more than four coloured walls. Doors and their frames are also a great, if slightly more understated, way to introduce colour. Draw a guest’s gaze into the room via a coloured doorway, or add subtle glimpses into your personality with a door that features stained glass or blinds. Finally, consider what your windows say about you. Have you put careful consideration into your curtains or drapes? Wooden shutters will instantly brighten any room, and enable you to control the flow of light into that space. In addition, shutters can be created in any colour imaginable, as well as adding texture; one glance at California Shutters’ shutter gallery can tell you that.



Introducing clever lighting is a fantastic way to play with colour without making any permanent changes; change the mood of a room in the time it takes to flick a switch on or off. Coloured lightbulbs, textured lampshades, fairy lights and desk lamps are all effective means of adding colour, while plugins will create a glow that is as subtle as it is beautiful.


Furniture and soft furnishings

The types of furniture that you choose, and the soft furnishings and fabrics that you use to decorate your home, can add colour in clever ways. If you have neutral walls and furniture of one colour, you could add cushions, a throw or even a rug to introduce hues, patterns and textures into the room; such items will always qualify as “small dashes” and can be changed as often as you’d like – even seasonally. Furniture and soft furnishings should be fun, though they’ll also work well wherever you’re creating a theme of any kind. Are you looking for subtle colour? Try using wallpaper cut-offs inside a bookcase, or at the back of cupboards so that colour is there whenever you look for it.



If you’re unsure about adding any permanent shades to your home, or you don’t have the time to decorate, then carefully placing bright accessories and trinkets is a fantastic way of introducing a little colour. Posters, wall art, decals and textured wall hangings, for example, will create the depth and character of your chosen theme, while ornaments, keepsakes, books and other personal belongings can be displayed to show off colours of every kind. Of course, one of the simplest ways to accessorise your home is with flowers. Whatever the season, you’re likely to be in for colours of every kind, and you can change your arrangements as often as you fancy; imagine being able to alter the mood of any room within seconds, and you’ll no doubt see why adding a floral touch is so popular.


Before adding any colour to your home, think carefully about the kind of impact that the change is likely to make; will you fall out of love with any alterations very quickly? Is the colour scheme easily altered or covered up? The question of whether your home is owned or rented should also be taken into consideration as it may affect the ways in which you brighten the property. Above all, remember this: colour should not be feared but embraced. If you fancy a change, go for it – you may be pleasantly surprised by the changes that are introduced via these small dashes of colour.


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