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AeroBed review – the perfect spare bed

I hope you enjoy my AeroBed review and find it helpful.

Christmas for so many people means house guests, but if don’t have the space it can be tricky to give your guests a great night’s sleep.

I don’t know about you but we struggle for space when people come to stay and often someone ends up on the sofa which I always feel bad about. Not any more though because we have an AeroBed


Aerobed review

AeroBed is  the leading name in luxury inflatable mattresses, it truly is amazing and feels just like a real bed. Best of all…it is up, simply and speedily, in just 3 minutes flat (and the instructions are REALLY easy to follow.) How unusual is that?  Not one world of complaint whilst setting this bed up..unheard of!


aerobed review


We reviewed the Comfort Classic Raised inflatable airbed (£159.99) which comes with its own easy to fix pump and air bag and rises to the full height of a bed and is ultra long.  It’s not possible to over inflate it which bought me  lot of peace of mind as it rapidly filled with air!

Super fast deflation via AeroBed’s unique Whoosh™ valve and easy storage and transportation in the beg provided.

aerobed review

I really do think this is a brilliant product and just so convenient.


With an ultra-robust construction, all AeroBeds are made from strong and resilient PVC with electronically welded seams. The full height makes the bed easier to get in and out of for older relatives and they will have a supported and comfortable nights sleep.

We certainly got a good sleep with our aerobed review.



So in a nutshell this Aerobed review gave ys the following key benefits

  • stores brilliants, inflates and deflates speedily and simply
  • Is super comfy
  • Comes with everything you will need including a repair kit.

There’s definitely room at our inn this Christmas.


Just perfect!

For more information about AeroBed visit the website, www.aerobed.co.uk.

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