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How to Use Affirmation Cards and How They Work

Affirmation Cards & how to use them

I have been reviewing some beautiful Affirmations Cards this week and I am so excited to share them with you.

These affirmation cards have been created by life coach Natalie Trice who is an absolutely inspiring woman and a true champion of people and their dreams. 

Each box contains 31 gorgeous, confidence-boosting affirmation cards.  They come in a smooth satin finish, and illustrated by The Hambridge Artist (very touchingly Natalie’s sister.) 


Affirmation Cards


The affirmation cards have super positive messages to make you feel empowered and enlivened and to firmly encourage you. They are each exquisitely decorated with a cheetah (have your read Untamed!) Do, do, do, do, do! is all I can say about that. A book to set you free.


How to use affirmation cards & how they work 

How to use affirmation cards – well, it is really up to you how you use them. I like to take one each morning and see it as my guide for the day. 

Today the card of Natalie’s I drew was:



How to use affirmation cards


Gosh what a powerful message this is. let’s take a pause and think about it

I love this one.

I spend my life trying  not to disappoint other people and often end up disappoint themselves. Do you od this. Gosh you have one shot don’t you ar this life you have to HAVE to chase your dreams. Of course we try not to let people down as we do but it should never ever prevent our progress or our reach. 

I think this card is a great reminder for me. I have popped it onto my noticeboard to keep me focussed on looking out for myself! The power of words is incredible. I keep repeating them to myself to really affirm them with me. 

 We shouldn’t disappoint ourselves should we, matter too.

So no today I will not join you in that take away sorry i want ot be fit and strong and healthy and I will do that!

 I think these are just gorgeous cards. They only cost £9.99  and would be such a sweet gift to give a friend or for yourselves – because YOU are most definitely worth it too.

Great job Natalie – these are truly lovely and they look so very pretty too.


Where to buy these affirmation cards

You can buy these Affirmation Cards from the Natalie Trice website – I highly recommend them and remember how you use them is as unique as you are




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