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Affordable ways to make your bedroom feel like a hotel 

There’s something about walking into a luxurious hotel room, slipping between crisp, tightly tucked sheets and sinking into a mound of fluffed up pillows that sets your whole body tingling with delight. What if you could bring that hotel richness home from your holiday and transform your bedroom into a mini getaway to be enjoyed every day? Read on to discover some affordable ways you can make your bedroom look and feel like you’ve stepped into a resort.  


ways to make your bedroom feel like a hotel 

Splash out on sumptuous sheets 

Without changing anything else, you can instantly up the opulence of your bedroom with a new set of sheets. Linen develops a soft, crumpled texture, while Egyptian cotton maintains its thick, crisp feel – what you choose is a matter of personal taste. What really counts when recreating that hotel luxe is thread count: look for sheets with a minimum 300 thread count for unbeatable comfort. Choose bright white to easily match your bedspread and décor. For maximum effect, take the time each morning to make your bed, paying special attention to folding in the corners and tucking the edges in tight.  


 Embellishments that draw the eye 

Once the sheets are sorted, make the bed the focal area of the room with some strategically placed decorative items. Vamp up your pillow collection with a variety of sizes and textures in colours that complement your bed cover. Arrange them against a suave, understated headboard with a linen or wood finish. Throw in some European-style square pillows and you have the perfect backrest for those cosy nights spent reading in bed. To complete the look, consider a framed photo or artwork in a complementary colour scheme.  


ways to make your bedroom feel like a hotel 

Throw some light on the situation 

The right lighting can really set the mood and in the bedroom, with soft lighting being the key to a calm, relaxing atmosphere. Bedside lamps are an easy and cheap way to change up your bedroom style, but if you’ve got a little extra in your makeover budget, wall sconces are a beautiful way to bring a soft, warm glow to your room. Look for lampshades that tie in with your other décor choices; you can add a little sparkle with hanging crystals, or keep it simple with textured linen in a neutral shade. 


Carve out a leisure nook 

There’s nothing better than having your own little space to curl up with a good book, practice mindful journaling, or listen to a podcast while you work on a crochet or cross-stitch project. Most hotel rooms include a spot to sit and write while vacationing. If you’ve got the space, consider transforming that ‘floor-drobe’ in the corner into a beautiful leisure nook and make the most of your quiet moments. Pop in a comfy, overstuffed armchair and side table, or a writing desk and chair, where you will feel inspired to make time for yourself. 


ways to make your bedroom feel like a hotel 

 Clear the clutter 

There’s one easy thing you can do to freshen up the tone in your room – and it doesn’t cost a cent. One standout feature that makes a hotel room feel so distinct from your own room back home is its sparseness. If you want to instantly elevate the atmosphere of your bedroom, get busy and clear away anything that doesn’t need to be out. Keep clothes tidied away, and dressers and drawers free of clutter. Tuck books, phone chargers and other daily use items away into your bedside drawers for easy access without the eyesore. 


Making your bedroom a luxurious escape doesn’t need to be tricky – you can experience everything you love at a hotel from home! Use our quick style tips and enjoy a mini getaway everyday. 



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