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Age Co reimagine some of TV’s most famous homes in a 1940s style

Today – famous homes in a 1940s style

When we think of some of our most favourite TV shows, it’s often the memorable characters which spring to mind first. Whether it’s a family from your favourite soap or sitcom, after a while you begin to familiarise yourself with the homes they live in and their surroundings; but have you ever wondered what their settings would look like in times gone by?

The 1940s featured some of history’s most iconic interior design trends and because of this, Age Co have reimagined some well-known rooms from British TV programs in a 1940s style. The rooms have been taken from the much-loved soap Emmerdale, family favorite the Great British Bake Off and the award-winning comedy Gavin & Stacey.


Living Room – Gavin & Stacey

Gwen’s living room features a lot throughout each series of Gavin & Stacey, but as it’s a modern day room, it’s unlikely that anything catches your eye. A leather sofa can be found in many homes across the UK, as well as furnishings such as cushions and a coffee table; but this is miles apart from what the same home would have looked like in the 1940s.

homes in a 1940s style


Furniture wouldn’t have been as luxurious as what it is today, and it’s likely sofas and armchairs wouldn’t match due to the cost of replacing them. An open coal fire would be the heart of the room, where people would surround during colder conditions. One element Age Co have focused on is the Art Deco style, which would have been extremely popular during this era.


Kitchen – The Great British Bake Off

I’m sure many of you are watching the current series of the Great British Bake Off as it has become extremely popular over recent years. Each bakers kitchen contains modern pastel colours and of course, some of the best kitchen equipment available, but how would this compare to a 1940s kitchen?

One of the most noticeable differences with a 1940s kitchen is that colours were kept to a minimum, as a kitchen wasn’t seen as a social space like it is today. Kitchen appliances were nothing like they are in today’s world, as many 1940s kitchens weren’t equipped with a fridge or freezer. Instead, items of food would be kept in a meat or food safe.


homes in a 1940s style


Dining room – Emmerdale

A dining room is seen as one of the main areas of the home. It’s a space where you can gather with friends and family and if you’re a fan of Emmerdale, then I’m sure you’re envious of the Tate family home and dining room. A spacious area with a splash of luxury and a large dining table, it’s a room which many of us would love in our home.

During the 1940s, families were encouraged to eat together at the dining table, as this would help to save on heating fuel. Furniture was a lot different back then, as practicality was prioritised over comfort. One of the standout features of a 1940s home was that a dining table would often double up as a Morrison Shelter, to provide protection in the event of falling bombs during the war.


homes in a 1940s style



What did you think of the TV homes Age Co have reimagined? Leave a comment below or join in the conversation on social, using #BritishHomesReimagined.


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