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Air Conditioning Installation – How to Choose the Right Unit

Have you considered air conditioning installation?

Depending on where you live air conditioning is either a lovely option to elevate the ambiance of you home or an absolute necessity without which you would not be able to function. 

For me it would be a lovely luxury but for my cousins in Australia it would be crucial. 


Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation


Air Conditioning Installation

It is really important to understand the different options available  before you invest in air conditioning installation. Here is how to choose the right unit for you.


Window air conditioners

Window air conditioners are sometimes also called  window rattlers and used to be the most common and widely used type or air conditioner. These are very popular in the Mediterranean  and mainly used residentially . 

Very basic window air conditioner just cool the air but more sophisticated ones have a heat pump too and are remote controlled.

They can be a bit noisy but they are easy to fit. 


Wall mounted air conditioners

 Wall air conditioners, can be attached high on the walls and they usually have  a couple of air pipes running through the back of the unit through the wall.

The condenser is contained inside the wall mounted unit. As well as pumping cool air these usually also have a heat pump so the rooms can be warmed too.


Spot coolers

These are not something you are likely to have in your home but they are very cool (no pun intended) Spot coolers are large mobile air conditioning units often used on aircrafts or boats or as part of an industrial process.

They would stand outside of the area they are to provide cool air for and it would be delivered via ducts. 


Air Conditioning Installation


Small portable air conditioners

Small portable air conditioner can work well for guest rooms, or a conservatory perhaps on a really sunny  day to just cool things down.

They are great for a temporary fix or an occasional warm weather spell and they work exactly as they say they do.



Split air conditioner units


Have you heard of Split air conditioning? 

Split units have outer and inner components which are connected by cables and pipes. The compressor unit is outside and is often bulky and big and the small unit which is quiet and light is placed inside. 

You can even have multi split units which consist of one outside unit and multi individual air conditioning heads to be installed throughout your home and offices in different rooms

ActronAir have lots of different air conditioning units to suit both residential and commercial properties – they sell  air conditioners that can be tailored to suit every lifestyle, from those looking for single room comfort right through to whole home or business solutions.

Air conditioning is definitely not a one size fits all.


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