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Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper

Alice in wonderland wallpaper is all the rage – some and find out where to by it and how to use it including Alice in Wonderland bedroom wallpaper.


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Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper


Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper UK

Oh yes, I do believe Alice  in Wonderland Wallpaper is literary wallpaper at it’s best! I love fun and funky interiors don’t you and having quirky wallpaper definitely brings with a lovely quality of interior eccentricity. I just adore this wallpaper for its slight y retro and entirely madcap qualities.

Takes me right back to my childhood. Oh i loved these books didnt you? full of dream like characters that were absolutely crazy and vibrant and enchanting. Gorgeous  stuff.

I once performed in an Alice in Wonderland ballet as the white rabbit and oh my goodness it was the highlight of my seventh year I was the white rabbit and thought we practiced absolutely endlessly I never tired of it. i got to wear white ballet shoes and a waistcoat with a little pocket watch too. magical stuff – sorry I digress – back to the Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper Love ♥

And oh how I do love it- it is truly fabulous – a little out there for my usual taste but nevertheless it si super cute and uber cool. 


Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper, alice in wonderland bedroom wallpaper, - just the most lovely literary wallpaper absolutely perfect for nursery decor or a playroom #aliceinwonderland #aliceinwonderlandwallpaper #literarywallpaper

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It has made me so happy to become immersed once again in Alice’s magical world as I write this and explore Alice wallpaper. Sometimes going back toyour child hood is juts brilliant isn’t it especially the world of your childhood books … completely magic 


For the love of Alice 

I think this is one of the best stories from our classic English literature full of delightful and absolutely memorable characters. It captures the imagination of each and every generation doesn’t it. I love that my mum and grandma, me and now my children have all read and loved this same book.

Alice laughed. “There’s no use trying,” she said: “one can’t believe impossible things.”

“I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

Oh, I just adore Alice in Wonderland, don’t you? It is one of those stories that just never ever gets old. Full of magic and madness and the most wonderful storyline it really is the most marvellous tale and so very English.


Celebrating Alice in Wonderland with Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper

In celebration of 150 years of Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland, Murals Wallpaper have launched a new Alice wallpaper. They have remastered the original 1865 illustrations from the Lewis Carroll book to make for a really fabulous design of Alice in Wonderland wallpaper

Oh my goodness this wallpaper is special  – How gorgeous!

We have recently decorated at our house with a clear focus on  modern wallpaper trends but I could not pass up a chance to use this Alice in Wonderland wallpaper so I upcycled a notebook and an old box to get a short-term Alice to fix!

Well, I had to use it in some way – it is way too cute not too!


Alice and wonderland wallpaper

My littlest calls it this and I think it is the cutest little slip ever! She has absolutely LOVED crafting with our Alice in Wonderland wallpaper. It really is a story that takes you into a magical world isn’t it? Alice and wonderland..so sweet.


Where to use Alice in Wonderland wallpaper

So if you were to use this Alice wallpaper where do you think you would use it?

It’s all very well being gorgeous but where would it actually fit in into your home? I suppose automatically we think of the nursery don’t we or a young child’s room..but – and bear with me on this- how about a small downstairs restroom? Or perhaps in a pantry or maybe in a study?

There are so may option for quirky Alice in Wonderland wallpaper hanging!


Alice in Wonderland wallpaper craft using Alice Wallpaper

Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper, alice in wonderland craft, alice in wonderland wallpaper uk


Took me right back to my school days! Do you remember having to stick wallpaper onto your books to preserve them? Now my kid comes home and insist we put sticky back plastic onto their books and I have to tell you it really is an absolute nightmare.

I get it all creased and stuck to the wrong things and it looks a complete mess. bring on the Alice in Wonderland bedroom wallpaper I say – just made for book covering and so much prettier too!


The Alice in Wonderland Bedroom Wallpaper Mural

The Alice in Wonderland bedroom Wallpaper Mural can be custom made to fit your wall size, it is printed on durable wallpaper with a quality finish. I absolutely adore it. It is quirky, classic and lots of fun.

Not just for kids either!

I just love it.


alice in wonderland wallpaper craft, alice in wonderland wallpaper, alice and wonderland wallpaper, alice in wonderland bedroom wallpaper


More Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper crafts

Over at Red Tricycle, you can find six gorgeous Alice in Wonderland crafts that will really bring the story to life for your child. These include a Cheshire cat craft, a pocket watch craft and a Queen of hearts project. Do pop over and have a look they really do look absolutely wonderful!


Wonderland Games

Over at the very fabulous Red Ted Art blog ( one of my most favourite craft blogs as all Maggy’s projects are really accessible), you can find  Paper tea Cup printables and some Alice in Wonderland games – so cute and rather fabulously inspired by a family wedding. Do pop over and have a look – awesome things to do with the Alice theme and Alice  wallpaper

And what about something like this Alice in Wonderland chess set. The characterisations on the chess pieces are just so gorgeous, aren’t they? This is the kind of set you keep forever and pass on. I think it is so lovely, don’t you? A lovely way to bring a little piece of this epic Alice story into your home.


alice in wonderland chess set


Alice in Wonderland home decor

Alice wallpaper isn’t the only way to bring this lovely book into your home and Alice interiors ideas don’t just work for kids room. 

They are so fun and funky and quirky you honestly can get away with using them just about anywhere. I love the idea of a mad hatters tea set and these are just perfect for a party – a 12 pack is just £7.09!!


alice in wonderland party, alice in wonderland tea set



Alice in Wonderland bedding

Oh who could resist Alice in Wonderland bedding. What a delight to snuggle up in each night and it looks so wonderfully quirky too. There are surprisingly few options for this available though but this Disney set has won my heart


Alice in Wonderland Cushion

If you want your Alice in Wonderland home decor a bit more subtle then maybe a cushion is the answer.

This Alice in Wonderland cushion by Redbubble is just £16 and a really lovely vintage collage of images.


Alice in Wonderland cushion cover

 You could also simply by an Alice cushion cover and a cheaper insert to keep costs down.  This one is super cute from Amazon



Alice in Wonderland Art

Another simple but rather inexpensive idea is to buy an Alice in Wonderland colouring book

Wouldn’t this make just the cutest of gifts. I do love a bit of relaxing colouring in – do you?



Framing Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper

You could have your child colour in these beautiful and original illustrations then frame them to hang in their bedroom.

They will love the fact they have been part of creating their own art projects and won’t they just look fabulous? this is a really a great way for you to have some lovely prints too that match them and nothing is as unique as a child’s creation is it – or possibly as precious.

And of course, there is always the option of Alice in Wonderland bedroom wallpaper itself being popped into a frame?


Alice in Wonderland bedroom wallpaper

I have to say the one place I would undoubtedly use the Alice wallpaper is in a bedroom –  I think Alice in Wonderland bedroom wallpaper is just perfect for a child who loves stories and who loves to dream but actually, for a grown-up too it is quirky and rather wonderful isn’t it?

Have a look here for more tips on how to choose the perfect bedroom wallpaper

So look how inspired I have been by Alice in Wonderland bedroom wallpaper UK,  quirkiness at it’s finest!


What is it about Alice in wonderland wallpaper?

Why do wish for Alice in wonderland bedroom wallpaper, murals, crafts and all sorts of Alice memorabilia? I think t is her craziness, her Englishness and her timeless appeal that makes us love Alice. And the huge parade of quirky characters in Alice juts absolutely warm our hearts, don’t they.

I like the white rabbit best of all (must be the ballet memories) Which Alice character is your favourite?


Alice in wonderland wallpaper

What do you think of this Alice in Wonderland wallpaper – would it be right for your home?

Do you have a favourite children’s story you would love to see as literary wallpaper in your interiors? As always, I really do love to hear from you so do drop me a comment below please if you have something you want to share with me and the rest of our readers.

I think Peter pan wallpaper would be cute – or how about the jungle book? or how about Mary Poppins or even 101 dalmations or perhaps Enid Blytons enchanted wood with all the quirky characters and a big magic faraway tree too

Oh, I have so many ideas for literary wallpaper. What would be your favourite book to have as wallpaper

And if you do get some Alice wallpaper – do tell me what you do with it


Different types of Alice Wallpaper

You can find a whole range of Alice in Wonderland wallpaper by taking a look here

No matter what your age or preferred style of decor you can find something you will love.


How to hang Alice in Wonderland bedroom wallpaper?

There are some brilliant tutorials on youtube about hanging mural wallpaper. Do take a look at this list of options

I found this one really straightforward


Alice in Wonderland Wallpaper hanging tutorial 


Further reading for Alice Wallpaper lovers

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I love wallpaper it really can bring so much fun to a room, can’t it. How can boring old pint ever think to possibly compete? Are you a wallpaper lover?

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  1. Alison
    December 5, 2018 / 4:08 am

    Good morning.. why can I buy the Alice and wonderland papper please

  2. June 1, 2016 / 2:42 pm

    Wallpaper is back and anything goes! It’s funny how patterns and pictures on wallpaper were a ‘no no’ a while back but now we are celebrating them and being more courageous! I’m surprised how much I like this idea. Especially as it’s a classy monochrome. Thanks for sharing. #happyandhome

  3. Penny A Residence
    May 31, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    I love it and love the idea of using wallpaper to cover things too, you have given me ideas for my office (as always!)

  4. May 31, 2016 / 5:23 pm

    Oh, that is just beautiful! Lovely idea to up-cycle like that with it, gets it some use and gives you your fix!

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