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All I want for Christmas is a concrete shed

A concrete shed

All I want for Christmas is a concrete shed, I didn’t expect I would be writing that sentence but here I am!

I have been through a series of wooden sheds which end up filled with so many tools and garden furniture I can no longer find a thing. Soon the shed along with its many occupants becomes a long-forgotten thing of the past, slowly rotting and rusting in the rather wet British weather.

Well, I’ve recently decided enough is enough and after numerous Google searches came across a rather interesting proposition, a concrete shed. Concrete is durable, weatherproof and sturdy although not the most beautiful thing I have ever seen there were plenty of styles to choose from and I from myself engulfed browsing Lidget Compton’s range of Concrete Sheds.

Now to decide on the style, I love all things Scandi and hygge inspired and my shed is no exception. Think clean lines, white washed walls and a muted grey tone which will be a lovely contrast to the greenery in my garden. Once I have a shed in place that I can rely on protecting the contents I can indulge in some beautiful garden furniture ready for the Summer and perhaps start to make some cushions to match.


A Concrete Shed

What garden shed have you opted for?


concrete shed


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