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All of Your Winter Lawn Care Questions Answered

winter lawn care
Winter Lawn Care Questions


Winter lawn care tips

Now that the winter is here, the amount of work you have to do in the garden drops off considerably. But there are still a few jobs that need to be done. That includes taking care of your lawn. If you are wondering if you should cut your grass, feed it or seed it during the colder months, just read on to find out.


Can I feed my lawn during the winter?

A well-fertilised lawn always looks better than one that is just left to its own devices. Grass is a surprisingly fragile plant, so it is a good idea to feed it. Doing so greatly increases its strength and the rate at which it grows. When you fertilise your lawn in October or November the nutrients will seep down to the roots. This means that when your lawn starts to grow again in the warmer weather it will have the nutrients it needs to thrive.

You can easily buy the fertiliser you need from somewhere like The Grass People. They sell large sacks, which is great if you have got a large lawn to feed. Having it delivered is far easier than trying to heave it out of your boot after buying it elsewhere.


When should I stop cutting my grass?

During the first few weeks of the winter your grass will continue to grow. At a far slower rate, but it will carry on growing. So, at the start of the winter you may still need to cut your grass. However, after the first frost you really need to stop doing so. The sharp cold will send your grass into a fully dormant state. If you cut it after a frost you will damage it.


When should I start cutting it again?

You should not cut it again until the weather starts to get warmer. Usually, in late March, early April, you will see when your grass is high enough to cut again. The timing of that first cut right is important. If you cut it too soon the cold will frost and kill off the top part of the grass. For this first cut, it is extremely important not to cut more than a third of the blade off.


Do I need to water my grass during the winter lawn care?

Most years, you will not need to water your lawn, during the colder months. However, if you go a month with no rain, it will beneficial to lightly water your grass. Doing it in the morning, when it has warmed up a bit is best. This will ensure that the water has time to seep into the ground before it gets too cold. If there is a frost forecast for the next day it is best not to water on that day. This reduces the risk of their being too much moisture in your lawn when freezing temperatures hit.


Do I need to do anything else to help my lawn through the winter lawn care?

During the winter months, lawn care becomes a lot easier. Very little maintenance is necessary. However, in the autumn it is a good idea to rake over your grass to remove any dead matter and treat any weeds or moss. A couple of weeks later aerate it and remember not to leave dead leaves lying on your lawn for too long.

Following the advice above should get your grass into good condition. So, when the sun shines and it starts to grow again it will do so quickly and look great.


I hope these winter lawn care tips help! You might also like my post on easy lawn care


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