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An exclusive interview with Sophie Robinson about kitchens

Today – An exclusive interview with Sophie Robinson about kitchens

Oh my goodness, all the excitement here this week as I got to do an exclusive interview with Sophie Robinson about Kitchens!

Sophie is currently working with Breville on the launch of their new Flow range of kitchen appliances  which are just gorgeous. I was able to ask her about these and about her kitchen style in general.


An exclusive interview with Sophie Robinson about kitchens

1/ What do you especially like about the Breville Flow range, Sophie?

I love the sleek wavy lines, they are so groovy! Work top appliances walk a fine line between being too dull but at the same time shouldn’t be too jazzy in my view. I like the subtle design detail which makes them a little less ordinary and I’m all for that!

Sophie Robinson about kitchens, interview with Sophie Robinson about kitchens


2/You are well known for your love of colour yet the Flow colours are totally neutral- do you think this is important in appliances?

I’m 100% a colour lover and yet I think it’s important to know what you want to pop out and what you want to recede and be a bit quieter. For example, I don’t want the kettle and toaster to grab all the attention in my kitchen as for me the hero is the fabulously bold patterned wallpaper I’ve chosen. I didn’t want appliances that would fight with it, but would still look groovy which is why I love the subtle textured detail of the Flow range.


3/I love your Instagram feed, Sophie. Life in the woods looks amazing do you think a move to the country has impacted on your interior design?

Totally! I think it’s really important to respond to the surrounding you live in, both the landscape and the architecture. My house is a country farmhouse set in woodland and I’ve tried to reflect that feel in the house. This includes rural botanical prints, country design references like tongue and groove paneling. However, as I’m a lover of colour and cutting edge design I’ve created is a balance of the traditional country look with my own individual modern twist.


5/ We just loved The Great Interior Design Challenge and our favourite contestant ever was Frankie. Will it be back on our screens?

Sadly no! But the good news is the BBC are replacing it with a new Interior Design competition called Project Interiors which is like The Great Interior Design Challenge meets the apprentice. Professionals are put through their paces this time with a series of commercial projects to tackle. It’s hosted by Fearne Cotton and will be out on BBC2 in the early Spring. And I make an appearance as a guest judge so look out for that! I can’t promise any fabulous Frankie’s though. That man was a one off talent!


6/ What is your no.1 top tip for creating a fabulous kitchen Sophie?

Treat it like you would any other room in your home. I’m dead against what I call the Kitchen show room look. You should consider applying the same design rooms as you would your living room for example. Yes you can have wallpaper, fabulous chandeliers, rugs, artwork, patterned blinds and areas to create stylish displays. I think its worth trying hard to incorporate it within the rest of your home, so its not just simply a room full of fitted cabinets and feels soulless.


7/ And finally what is your prediction for the top 3 interior design trends for 2019?

My headline trend for 2019 is to expect the general colour palette to move towards hues that are warmer and more intense. I think we’ve had quite a enough of the Grey trend and we want our homes to feel more vibrant, have more depth and so bold colour is big news. Bold pattern and wallpaper are also not going anywhere so expect plenty of maximalist interiors in the hottest homes. And finally I think the trend to have creative and individual spaces continues to be a strong trend, which ultimately means, ignore the trends and decorate your home in a way that’s true to you!



Thankyou so much Sophie


I do hope you have enjoyed my interview with Sophie Robinson about kitchens


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