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An Online Boutique for Fine Wines

Online boutique for fine wines – now that sounds good! 


An online boutique for fine wines


Online boutique for fine wines

My regular readers will know how much I love to eat and drink well. I see good food and wine as one of life’s most lovely pleasure for myself and for others. Such a perfect excuse to socialise with those you love too.

Drinking fine wines at good restaurants is all very well but oh how I love to cook and share dinners I have cooked with a great glass of wine and good friends. Ordering in my own wine is so easy these days and something I really enjoy doing. 

I have a fabulous find to share with you today – an online boutique for fine wines called The Beauty & The Taste.


How to choose wine

Not only do they offer the most gorgeous array of wines for home delivery they also guide you through the wine selection process so you choose a wine entirely fitting with your taste profile. There is absolutely no need to be intimidated ( wine can be intimidating can’t it!)  The Beauty & The Taste is dedicated to both wine experts and newbies so it really is accessible to all.

At The Beauty & The Taste, you can create a customisable taste profile just for you. You simply go ahead and select your preferences on the website, as many as you like, so that they can suggest a suitable wine for any occasion. How very helpful is that!


Wines from all over the world

The Beauty & The Taste have exclusive, a limited selection of high-quality wines across the most important wine regions of the world and across both large and small producers. They are all ready for immediate drinking and the vintage bottles int heir collection have been selected to be at their peak.

Wine varies, of course, in so many ways depending on where it is made. Burgundy, even the most novice wine lover will know, is one of the best-known regions for winemaking.  Most of the wine in this region is made form juts 2 grape varieties made from two grape varieties: Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. If you are interested in learning more about various wine regions like Burgundy more info can be found here



A last-minute dinner? You need a boutique for fine wines

All the wines at The Beauty & The Taste are purchasable by the bottle and are delivered in the UK the very next day. This is absolutely perfect if you have a last-minute dinner or evening planned and need something really quickly. 




Gifting is something I really enjoy to do.  Good wine gift for any occasion…moving home, celebrating a birthday, Christmas. It’s perfect. Ordering a bottle of wine to be delivered as a special gift straight to a loved one’s door makes a truly delightful gift


Learning more about wine from the boutique for fine wines

There are some great articles on theThe Beauty & The Taste website telling you more about the winemaking process, grapes, wine investment and so on and if you are wanting to be better educated on wine these make a really good introduction to the subject.


So it is entirely possible to teach yourself about wine and purchase some great wine entirely suited to your occasion and or meal without ever setting foot on a wine course or into a wine merchants’. Far less intimidating and so much more convenient to shop at a great online wine boutique for fine wines


An online boutique for fine wines is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on top 5 wine facts you need to know


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