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How to Reduce Gray Hair with Anti-Gray Serum

GRO AGELESS Anti-Gray Serum was a brand new product for me. I have NEVER tried an anti gray serum, I didn’t even know that they existed. 

The consumer research on this product is so really convincing though. The serum aims to ‘turn back time on aging hair with a reduced appearance of gray on new hair growth with renewed color and shine in as soon as 90 days.*

  • 64% saw less gray hair in as soon as 90 days*
  • 71% said hair looked healthier*

Now that is pretty impressive results! 


Anti-Gray Serum


GRO AGELESS Anti-Gray Hair Serum

So what does it claim to do?

‘This plant-based hair serum claims to reduces the appearance of gray on new hair growth and renews colour and shine to graying strands in as soon as 90 days. This serum is ideal for the person with moderate levels of gray hair who is looking for a solution that renews hair colour and shine to graying strands. It is good for all hair types and textures and will not make hair greasy or leave a residue.’

You simply apply it with the dropper supplied onto dry or towel dried hair, leave ibn then style as per usual. I was so excited to try it! 


What’s inside?

The GRO AGELESS serum has some fabulous ingredients including: 

  • Peptides: Support and renew hair color in new hair growth exposed to oxidative stress.
  • Glycoproteins: Enhance gloss and mitigate gray hair in a non-damaging way.
  • Vitamin Blend (B3, B5, B6, E): Helps reduce the appearance of graying hair.



My results

 The serum never made my hair greasy and always felt soothing and smoothing.  I have been using it for 30 days now.

I have blonde hair that isn’t natural with quite a few grey strands (or grey as we spell he it here in the UK.) My results were definitely interesting. My hair was shinier and people kept telling me how great it looked.

By now I usually go for a root touch up to hide the grey but I am happy to wait a few more weeks, I’d call that a great result.  I definitely have noticed less shedding too and my hair is looking good. 


Becky Goddard-Hill


Where to buy

Gro Ageless Anti-Gray hair Serum is available from Vegamour and one bottle lasts for 30 days of continuous use. Works on hair with moderate grays and is suitable for vegans. I would recommended it 

90 days supply is $187.

My product was gifted all opinions are entirely my own


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