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Antique Engagement Rings – Which One to Choose?

Today – Antique Engagement Rings – Which One to Choose?


My engagement

Let me tell you about my engagement story.

My partner told me he was whisking me away for a weekend somewhere but would not tell me where. He said we were going to go somewhere that might be a little cold and was definitely urban. And to dress as if we were going to Derby. As I live in Nottingham dressing as if I was going to Derby didn’t sound too exciting it was just 10 minutes don the road.

Anyway, we ended up at the airport and to cur a long story short I ended up in Paris – quite possibly my favourite city in the whole wide world. We spent the day seeing the sites , sipping coffee outside cafes and strolling around hand in hand. It was perfect. We even sailed little wooden boats on a big pond outside the Louvre.

He proposed at midnight in the rain down on one knee under the Eiffel Tower. It was very romantic. I, of course, said a very definite yes. I have very tiny hands and he bought me a tiny white diamond on a white gold band … absolutely gorgeous.

To this day I remain fascinated with other peoples engagement stories and I love to hear about how they chose their ring.  When it comes to rings  I don’t think there is a ring I dislike though simpler styles are more me.



Antique engagement rings

I love antique engagement rings best of all though. I think that a ring with history must come with so many stories of the time in which it was created, the hands in which it was worn and the love with which it was given. I am absolutely a romantic at heart and I love to dream about where such rings began their love journey and of course about the romantic proposal.

I wear my granny’s own antique wedding band and I completely adore the fact my much-loved grandad gave it to her with a promise that he kept through a lifetime f loving her. Just beautiful.

Let me show you some of my absolute favourite antique engagement rings:



Antique Engagement Rings - Which One to Choose?



This absolutely lovely five stone diamond ring is crafted in 15 ct yellow gold with a platinum setting and it has five individually claw set Old European cut diamonds. It’s very traditional isn’t it and so very pretty.

I also completely adore this pear cut diamond ring The twist design is so striking and it has ten baguette and tapered baguette-cut diamonds graduated in size. Such an unusual ring and one everyone would notice.


Antique Engagement Rings


But my top of the list favourite is a stunner.  It’s a flower ring and I just think it is dazzling. Crafted in the 1940s the feature diamond is surrounded by eight ‘petals’, each ornamented with a pavé set transitional modern brilliant round cut diamond.



Antique Engagement Rings - Which One to Choose?



So there you are,  I have shared my engagement story and my favourite antique rings and now I am just so keen to hear your story.



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