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Are spiral stairs safe?

Are spiral staircases safe? Lets take a loook 

A spiral staircase can make a stunning addition to your home, creating an air of class, style and grandeur. But while spiral stairs certainly look beautiful, many homeowners—especially those with young children—ask the same question: are they safe?


Are spiral stairs safe?

The answer is yes, spiral stairs are safe as long as they’re installed correctly and in line with government regulations. In the UK, certain characteristics of spiral staircases (for example, the width and depth of the steps) are subject to rules that aim to minimise risk.

Requirements vary depending on the purpose, setting and use of the stairs. If a spiral staircase is installed in a high-traffic area where lots of people are likely to use it, stair diameter and tread depth must be increased. There are also regulations in place to ensure that the steps are able to take a certain amount of weight.



Are spiral stairs safe?



How can I child-proof my spiral stairs?

You may be satisfied with the above answer if you were simply concerned about the sturdiness and durability of spiral staircases, but what if you have a curious toddler who likes to go exploring?

Spiral stairs might seem like a major hazard for young children, but truth be told, a child should always be monitored when going up and down stairs—regardless of what type of staircase you have.

Here are just a few things you can do for extra peace of mind:

  1. Make sure that your stairs are never cluttered to reduce the risk of slipping and/or tripping.
  2. Install baby gates at the top and bottom of your spiral stairs if necessary.
  3. Purchase non-slip mats and install upon each step.
  4. Install a handrail.
  5. Make sure your stairs comply with all British Standards and the Building Regulations.
  6. Ensure the staircase is well-lit.
  7. Educate your child on staying safe on the stairs, and don’t leave them unattended on or near a staircase.


Why choose spiral stairs over straight stairs?

If you are able to install a spiral staircase in your home, then you have an easy opportunity to improve the aesthetic quality of the place. For example, a spiral staircase takes up less room than a standard straight staircase—that extra space is a big selling point that may increase the value of your home.

There’s also no denying that they look beautiful. By being a bit out of the ordinary and straying from the norm, spiral stairs are seen as special, unique, and sophisticated. It’s definitely a part of your home that will make guests envious!

Here are some more advantages of owning a spiral staircase:

  • They free up extra space in the home
  • They’re extremely stylish and modern
  • They don’t cost much if you shop around
  • They’re not difficult to install – many of them come in a kit, ready to assemble

There are many different types of spiral stairs on the market, so you can make sure your staircase is perfectly tailored to your home’s unique aesthetic.


Are spiral stairs safe? Still undecided?

Switching to a spiral staircase is a big decision to make, especially when you consider the risk with little ones involved. The reality is that stairs, straight or spiral, will always pose a safety risk—there’s no getting away from it, unfortunately!

When deciding on your spiral staircase, you can check that your kit is from a trusted supplier, and make sure you follow the above tips on how to child-proof your stairs if necessary.

There are so many benefits to having a spiral staircase in your property, and it’s not too difficult to make them safe, or safer, in a way that doesn’t hinder their classy beauty and style.

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