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At Home Spa Services – Pampering Ideas without leaving Your House

I  am a huge fan of at home spa services.

You really do not have to take yourself on an expensive spa day to feel nourished and pampered – it really is possible and a whole lot less expensive to do this from home.


At Home Spa Services


At Home spa services

Now some at home spa services you can DIY and some I would suggest you buy in. Let me take you through of my essential spa and beauty pampering treats.



 I love my feet to look pretty not just in summer but all year around as I often go barefoot. I like my feet to feel soft and I like a french manicure of my toes but oh blimey these are tricky!

 I would absolutely definitely have someone else give me pedicure. I have never been very successful doing them for myself and always end up in weird and uncomfortable positions – I also do not do a great job and colour gets splashed about everywhere and then it takes me an age to try and rectify where I have gone wrong. An at home pedicure is one I would always call in a professional for. 

A mobile pedicure by USPAAH means you get to relax on your own sofa whilst still getting a really good job done.




 Sometimes I love to have gel nails and again this is something I would call at home spa services in for.  I just cannot get these right even with my own kit. However, sometimes I give the gel a rest and have my nails short with just clear polish on. This I can absolutely do myself with just a file, buffer and polish and on these occasions an at home pamper DIY saves me both time and money




I always have my hairdresser come to my house to do my hair.

She is a lovely lady and I have gotten to know her well over the years. What I like about her being mobile is that I can use my own products which I know work on and suit my hair well. I also like that whilst my colour is taking I can crack on with a few chores rather than just sit there. 

I so love having my hair look nice but sitting in the hairdresser’s for hours is juts not my idea of fun so mobile works well for me.



I have mixed idea about at home facials. I love to do my own face masks and relax with them on whilst I am in the bath. I tend to buy different masks all the time and try lots of varieties. On occasion I have had a go at making my own.

I love floral scented masks and light ones, chocolate or charcoal based ones are not for me. Sheet ones annoy me a bit. I like to be able to lather on a cream or gel and lie back and let it do the work.

 I also really like an under eye mask I find these help a greet deal with under eye puffiness and swelling which I am prone to as I spend hours staring at a screen and these are easy to apply myself as I have a little nap!



Ooh I don’t want gloopy wax in my home thank you. Waxing is not something I would do myself or even have someone come and do as a mobile service. When it comes to body hair, bikini and legs  I’ll take it to a salon every single time. I like to get my eyebrows done pretty regularly too and cannot do these myself so often just pop in to a nearby salon for a quick eyebrow wax too.


At Home Spa Services


Make up

 When I have a super special occasion like a wedding to attend or perhaps an awards ceremony I really do like to get my make up done. It makes me feel really special. This is absolutely something I would have done at home as I would want to weatherproof myself! At home spa services definitely have their advantages and not stepping out in to the wind and the rain after a makeover is certainly one of them. 


Final thoughts on at home spa services

I love a pamper and going to a spa is a huge treat but due to time and money the DIY options sometimes has to win the day. Sometimes though, mobile at home spa treatments  meet my need for a professional service instead.

So I have talked you through the kind of at home spa services I would book in and those I might have a go at myself. I would love to hear your views on this.


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