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Autumn fashion trends 2017

Are you one for keeping up with the trends?

I was so much more trend driven when I was younger but I do still love to look nice and have a huge interest in fashion.

But these days if it’s not for me I won’t just buy it anyway. Money’s too tight and I am so much more practical and authentic these days.

I definitely know my own style but I do also like to see what is on trend and I have to say this Autumn there really are some lovely clothes in store.


Autumn fashion trends 2017

Shall I show you some of my faves?


Cardigans are big news this season and I for one am absolutely delighted. Why do I love a cardigan..well firstly I guess it is because they keep you warm. I am always practical. Secondly they can stop you having to wear a coat (which to be honest is a big plus in my book) Layering always looks effortlessly cool whist being stylishly warm. There are some beautiful cardi’s around too. In fact they make me look forward to the colder days!


Autumn fashion trends 2017


I love this rocky trail cardigan from White Stuff. It has so much going for it. The natural colour means it will go with anything and the long length means it is flattering to all. I love the side pockets and I do think this would work equally well with either a dress of trousers. Just lovely. Who can resist a chunky knit ! You can click her for a White Stuff promo code

White Stuff is a store I adore, they totally rock as a store to visit because they have such cool and eclectic stores. Mu local White Stuff even has a little movie theatre showing cartoons for little kids. How cute is that! Their clothes are always classic but absolutely puck up on the latest trends too.



Red is a huge trend this Autumn and one I adore  though I do have to be careful. I am not slim and do not want to end up looking like a tomato! I have seen lots of red earrings about and red on white t-shirts. Yars ago I had a beautiful red duffel coat and t used to make me so happy on a grey day I have my eyes peeled for one this season!

These cute red earrings from Peacocks are a nice way of embracing the trend without me feeling I have to FULLY deck myself out in head to toe red. Aren’t they super cute. I never really wear dangly earrings anymore so these woudl make such a nice change for me! Accessories are a great way to embrace trends without spending a fortune I always think! You can click through here for a Peacocks promo code


Logo tops are still one of the top trends and I have to say these are right up my street. I love a few words of encouragement and they do tend to make me smile! This is a trend that has been around for a while now and there are some great new examples out there this season.

This super cute  Jane Norman heartbreaker sweatshirt is just fantastic.



I also rather adore this ‘anything is possible’ t-shirt also from House of Fraser. This lovely Biba slogan charity T-shirt is in aid of a worthy cause too, £3 of profits from this item will go to Action for Children, I would wear this with jeans or even a long skirt. It’s pretty, it is simple and it is really uplifting. And here is House of Fraser voucher code


Do you like slogan tops? I do think they will be around for a while!



I wore a lot of checks back in the 80’s and this season they are back with a vengeance as heritage fabrics, as suits as blazers and in every other way you could possibly think. |It’s all a bit severe for me to be honest! I could however indulge this pretty classic blue checked shirt from Peacocks. It is perfect for casual dressing and it has a long line hem and rolled up sleeve. I would wear this with leggings and boots or skinny jeans and trainers and it woudl totally take any severity away.

There are other Autumn fashion trends such as houndstooth, fancy tights and vinyl that I have just rejected out of hand. these are not for me!

I guess embracing fashion trends in a way that suits you best allows you to really define your style. Mine is comfy, soft, preppy and unfussy. I also like pretty classic and understated clothes,

I find as I have got older I am clearer about who I am . I am more in tune with my preferences, my lifestyle and my body shape and I make choices accordingly.

I have learned to shop around. I have learned to find a good price for what I want and to search for voucher codes and sales.

I am certainly a savvier shopper these days. I made a lot of shopping mistakes when I was younger and woudl rather stupidly embrace any trend that came along. I hate throw away fashion and am much more environmentally aware these days. I want to be sure whatever I buy gets well worn and will be a useful practical asset to my wardrobe.

I also try and make sure for every new item I buy I also try to pass something on whether that be to a friend or perhaps to a charity store. If it is an expensive item and in good condition I will also explore selling on eBay,


What are your thoughts on the current Autumn fashion trends? Will you be head to toe in red vinyl or have you a checked cardigan ready to go?


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