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Baby boys names beginning with X Y or Z

Do you know many baby boys names beginning with X Y or Z

Baby boy names that can realistically be used that begin with the letters X, Y, and Z are very difficult to come by. Here are six that could work.

Parents looking for a baby boy name that starts with the ending letters of the alphabet may have a difficult time. Here are a few options for parents who are determined to use these letters. All the statistics on the below names are taken from data collected by the Social Security Administration in the United States of America.


Baby boys names beginning with X Y or Z



Since 1999 Xander has been racing up the charts, by 2020 it ranked as the 267th most popular baby boy name. Originally Xander was a nickname for Alexander, but Xander is a strong enough name to stand on its own and has been used on daytime soaps as a given name.




In 2020 Xavier was the 71st most popular baby boy name. That is pretty popular for a name that begins with the difficult letter “X.” For parents who want an “X” name that is still familiar to most people, Xavier could make a good choice.

Or how about …

  • Xu.
  • Xanthus.
  • Xavier.
  • Xander.
  • Xavion.
  • Xavi.

Take a look here for more baby names that start with an x 


William Butler Yeats was an Irish poet and the surname Yeats may appeal to parents with a literary or Irish background. Yeats has never been in the top 1,000 baby names.

There are of course a host of other Y baby names – how about

  • Yusuf.
  • Yosef.
  • Yousef.
  • Yehuda.
  • Yahya.
  • Yuri.
  • Yasir.
  • Yoel

My friends husband is an a American beat poet and his name is Young – now that is a great name for a poet don’t you think?

And then of course there was the very handsome French tennis player Yannick Noah – take a look here for lots more fab boys names beginning with a Y



Zachariah probably gets most of its popularity from the fact that its nickname Zach is sweet and zippy. Zachariah is a Hebrew name meaning “God remembers” or “memory”. In 2020 Zachariah ranked as the 441st most popular baby boy name.



Zane ranked as the 235th most popular baby boy name in 2020. Originally Zane was a variant of John and was most famously used by author Zane Grey and because of that association Zane feels like a fitting name for a little cowboy.



Zebidiah is a very unusual “Z” name that has never been in the top 1,000 baby names. However, the nickname Zeb may make the name appealing enough for some parents to use it.

If mom and dad want something truly unique, an “X,” “Y,” or “Z” name could do it. While there aren’t any true classics, Zachariah and Zebidiah are biblical and Zane is modern and cool, so there are definitely usable options here and children with these names will most certainly stand out from the crowd.



I don’t no much about the name Zed but I do know that it is uber cool!  or how about Zebedee – now that is a future rcokstars naems



Baby boys names beginning with X Y or Z are fun – do you have any to add?



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