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Barn Shed Guide: Different Styles and Installation Tips

Are you planning on adding a barn shed to your property? With a plethora of styles and designs available, choosing the right one can be challenging. This guide is here to help! Let’s explore the different styles of barn sheds to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Dutch Colonial Barn Shed

Originating from 17th-century Dutch-American architecture, this style is a charming addition to any property. Lots of people are getting their barn kits for this particular shape because they know that it boasts a unique gambrel roof design, giving it a distinct, classic aesthetic. Not only does this style provide a traditional look, but it also maximizes headroom and storage space. 



To install a Dutch Colonial Barn Shed, first, a level foundation is needed, often created with concrete or gravel. The walls are erected, followed by the distinctive gambrel roof. Finally, the doors, windows, and any desired interior furnishings are added. It’s a task best left to professionals but keen DIYers can tackle it with precise measurements and the right tools.


Monitor Barn Shed

The Monitor Barn Shed, reminiscent of 19th-century American rural architecture, features a central aisle with raised loft spaces on either side. This design results in a distinctive profile with ample space and light, ideal for workshops or studios. 

Installation begins with a sturdy foundation, typically concrete or gravel. The walls are then constructed, followed by the raised loft spaces and the unique monitor-style roof. Lastly, the doors, windows, and any other desired fixtures are installed. Though professionals are recommended for this task, experienced DIYers can successfully complete it with careful planning, accurate measurements, and the appropriate tools.


Saltbox Barn Shed

These types of construction are popular because of their many unique features. These are the following:

  • unique roof design
  • historical charm
  • efficient use of space
  • weather resistant
  • versatility
  • aesthetics
  • customization options
  • longevity

Saltbox Barn Sheds are distinguished by their long, sloping roofs that resemble a salt container, hence the name. Their asymmetrical design, historical charm, and efficient use of space make them a popular choice. To install a Saltbox Barn Shed, start with a solid foundation, typically concrete or gravel. Erect the walls, and then construct the distinctive sloping roof. Finish with the door, windows, and any desired fixtures. Installation can be complex and is often best handled by professionals, although experienced DIYers can tackle it with the right tools and measurements.


Gambrel Roof Barn Shed

A Gambrel Roof Barn Shed is reminiscent of classic barn structures, featuring a distinctive double-sloped roof design that offers ample headroom and storage. This style, originating from colonial times, is a popular choice owing to its classic aesthetic and practical functionality. 

The installation of a Gambrel Roof Barn Shed begins with laying a strong foundation, typically concrete or gravel. The walls are then erected, followed by the assembly of the unique, double-sloped gambrel roof. Lastly, the doors, windows, and any desired interior fixtures are installed. It’s a task that can be undertaken by skilled DIYers, provided they have accurate measurements and the right tools, though professional installation is recommended for optimal results.




Hopefully, this guide makes your barn shed choice a little easier. Remember, whether you choose a Dutch Colonial, Monitor, Saltbox, or Gambrel Roof style, each brings its unique charm and practicality. So go ahead, pick the one that best fits your needs, and start building your dream shed today!

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