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Bathroom Trends in 2021 – The Best New Bathroom Trends

I have been looking into bathroom trends in 2021 and there are a few that really resonated with me. It was hard to whittel down my top choices but I managed it and I really am so excited to share my top 5 with you and see what you think of them. 


Bathroom Trends in 2021


Bathroom Trends in 2021

Are you planning to update your bathroom any time soon? I LOVE my little white bathroom but it has been the same for such a long time and I long to give it a little refresh and update. i have my  firmly on bathroom trends in 2021 and how I can possibly incorporate them in my home.


Acrylic Shower Screens and Wall Panels

Did you know Acrylic can be used in bathrooms as modern shower screens. Being 30 times more impact resistant than glass, it  is an extremely safe and durable material that can survive many knocks and bumps. In bathrooms, acrylic can also be used for wall panels in place of tiles which, along with grout, are very susceptible to mould and mildew in humid spaces. Acrylic is, therefore, a great alternative that can be easily wiped clean with a microfibre cloth and gentle cleaning fluid.

 I love that – we arll want super hygenic bathrooms don’t we?

There is a variety of colours and textures to choose from, from neutral tones for a minimalist look to a mirrored style finish, perfect for making smaller kitchens appear larger.

What is also brilliant news is Acrylic sheets are easy to install for anyone, no matter their experience in DIY thanks to them being cut to size free of charge by the suppliers like plasticsheetsshop.co.uk .

Take a look at this acrylic sheet informational page   to find out more about this fast-growing trend that is such a better way to keep your bathroom looking clean and fresh


Bathroom Trends in 2021 are vibrant!

I know it sounds uber odd but dots and dashes are set to be big in bathroom decor design next year.  

I’ve seen them on masks a-plenty but in a bathroom! Sounds quirky doesnt it? Animal prints are also set to make a splash – it all sounds very seventies to me but what a way to jazz up an often dreary room, right?

A bathroom really does not have to be boring.


Bathroom Trends in 2021


Spa bathroom

The amount of time spent at home in 2020 has  meant that many people have invested in making their home a space and place they want to be.

I know that I for one have had many more baths and longer ones too in this past year.  I have taken a new shine to my home and want it be better and more indulgent and luxuriousI know ths is true for many people.

So, how to make your bathroom spa like?

Well a jacuzzi bath may be a bit of an expensive outlay but you don’t have to go that far. some lush soap and gorgous greenary and a few new towels could bring a lovey spa feel to your bathroom and make it an absolutely sanctuary.


Bathroom Trends in 2021


Bathroom Trends in 2021 have to include Eco Bathrooms

Sustainability is absolutely crucial in all aspects of bathroom design and indeed in all kind of interiros desin ( andlife) and it  needs to stay that way.  So whilst I am very glad it is a current trend I hope it is not jus a trend but that suustainablity is at the heart of all we do going forwards.

Think bamboo toothbrushes, low flush toilets, LED lights, shampoo bars, eco-showers and you are on your way. Sustainability is key.


Freestanding  bath tubs

Large freesstanding bath tubs used to be only found in gorgeous cottages you would hire for the weekend or in glossy magazines..but in bathroom trends in 2021 we are going to see this more and more and I could not be more pleased. I absolutley adore free standing baths, they are so chic and indulgent and so aesthetically pleasing too.

Oh I want one!


Bathroom Trends in 2021


So what do you think of these bathroom trends in 2021 – do you like them and will you be embracing them?



Bathroom Trends in 2021 is a collaboratibe post  – you might also like a look at my post on kitchen trends in 2021


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