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Bathroom Trends in 2021 – The Best New Bathroom Trends

Bathroom Trends in 2021 – The Best New Bathroom Trends, let’s take a look at what is hot in  bathroom decor this year 


Bathroom Trends in 2021

Bathroom Trends in 2021 are interesting , diverse and set to really update your bathroom into something gorgeous 


Bathroom Trends in 2021

Are you planning to update your bathroom any time soon? I LOVE my little white bathroom, and it is one of my favourite ever places to spend time, door closed, relaxing back into a big hot long bubble bath with a great book and some lovely music playing. Sometimes i even take a cup of tea,

But it has been the same for such a long time and I long to give it a bit of a refresh as it is crying out for some love and attention.

So, what is trending for 2021? I have my eye on a few standout trends and have started to think about how I can incorporate them in my own home.


Acrylic Shower Screens and Wall Panels – Bathroom Trends in 2021


Bathroom Trends in 2021 are all very practical and focussed on a great user experience which if all the rooms in the house (along with the kitchen)  is really vital


Keeping homes super hygienic is something we’re all eager to do, now more than ever. Bathrooms, however, are a notorious breeding ground for bacteria, mould and mildew, especially on tiles, grout and shower curtains.

Alternatively, acrylic is a great material to use for shower screens and wall panels to help tackle this problem and can be easily wiped clean with a microfiber cloth and gentle cleaning fluid. No more scrubbing at black mould on bathroom tiles or constantly replacing old shower curtains to avoid unsightly mildew!

Acrylic also comes in a wide range of colours and textures to choose from, from neutral tones for a minimalist look to a mirrored style finish, perfect for making smaller kitchens appear larger. What is also brilliant news is that acrylic sheets are easy to install for anyone, no matter their experience in DIY thanks to them being cut to size free of charge by the suppliers like plasticsheetsshop.co.uk .

On top of this, acrylic is 30 times more impact resistant than glass, making it an extremely safe and durable material that can survive many knocks and bumps, ensuring it will last for years to come.


Bathroom Trends in 2021

bathroom trends in 2021


Bathroom Trends in 2021 are vibrant!

It might sound odd, but dots and dashes are set to be big in bathroom decor design next year. I’ve seen them on masks a-plenty but in a bathroom! Sounds quirky doesn’t it? Animal prints are also set to make a splash – it all sounds very seventies to me but what a way to jazz up an often very dreary room, right?

Incorporating this trend into your bathroom can be as easy as purchasing a few new patterned accessories such as toothbrush holders, towels, bathmats or wall prints. To take it a step further, try adding a feature wall to your space by covering it with some funky bathroom wallpaper for an extra splash of colour.

A bathroom really does not have to be boring and Bathroom Trends in 2021 truly are anything but boring!  I do like a surprise when I open a bathroom don’t you?


Pin bathroom trends in 2021

Bathroom Trends in 2021


Spa bathroom trends in 2021

The amount of time spent at home in 2020 has led many of us to invest more time and money into our homes. I know that I for one have had many more baths and longer ones too in this past year. I have taken a new shine to my home and want it to be more indulgent and luxurious, especially as the winter months begin to settle in.

If you cannot get to a spa then why not make your home the nearest thing. Wouldn’t it be just fabulous. 

So, how to make your bathroom spa like?

Here are a few tips.

Well, a jacuzzi bath may be a bit of an expensive outlay, but you don’t have to go that far. Some fragrant hand soap, gorgeous greenery and a few new fluffy towels will bring a lovey spa-like feel to your bathroom, making it feel like an absolute sanctuary.


Bathroom Trends in 2021

bathroom trends in 2021


Eco Bathroom trends in 2021

Do you have an eco bathroom?

If not  well them this is certainly something you might want to start thinking about.

Sustainability is crucial in all aspects life and can even be incorporated into your bathroom design. Think bamboo toothbrushes, low flush toilets, LED lights and eco-showers to create the ultimate environmentally friendly bathroom. A simple way to make more ethical choices is to opt for eco-friendly essentials such as shampoo bars and recyclable toothpaste tubes. Making just a few simple swaps can help reduce your carbon footprint significantly. Sustainability is key.

Whilst I am very glad it is a current trend in interior design, I hope that sustainability is at the heart of all we do going forwards.


Bathroom Trends in 2021


More Interior and bathroom trends in 2021



Bathroom Trends in 2021 include …. Freestanding bathtubs

Large freestanding bathtubs used to be only found in gorgeous cottages you would hire for the weekend or in glossy magazines. For 2021, however, we can expect to this trend more and more and I could not be more pleased. I absolutely adore free standing baths; they are so chic and indulgent and so aesthetically pleasing too.

From traditional claw footed tubs to contemporary options made from stone resin or even wood, freestanding bathtubs are the ultimate way to embrace selfcare.

Oh, I want one!


Bathroom Trends in 2021


So, what do you think of these bathroom trends in 2021 – do you like them, and will you be embracing them?


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