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15 Best Beach Nature Crafts

Beach nature crafts are simply the best.

The beach is full of treasures and it absolutely does not matter hat time of year you find your self there you can always find something amazing to craft with.

Best of all it is free and eco-friendly to craft with beach treasure and no mass production or land fill is involved , everything can be recycled back to the beach and everything is naturally produced. That makes me smile,

Beach nature crafts are just so beautiful too and can either be left exactly where they are created or taken home to admire.

They make the prettiest accessories in your home to remind you off your trip as the days get cooler.

Kids love to spend time on the beach no mater the season and beach nature crafts will keep them busy for hours and hours. Crafting is also excellent for wellbeing

I have some lovely ideas to share with you here to make beach time for your family super special. 


All the love for nature crafts! 

I am the author of A year of nature craft and play: 52 things to make and do



From Spring sunflower challenges to Summer mandalas, Autumn conker craft to Winter pine cone decorations, it will inspire children to get creative with nature  – there is also ,of course lots of beach nature crafts ideas included as well as …..

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Beach Nature Crafts

Lets take  look at some beachy craft ideas! 


Marbled seashells

This marbled seashell art is mesmerizing! The colors turned out beautifully and the patterns  are super cool.  take a look here at how to make them – your kids will simply adore this craft! And wouldn’t they mmake the pretties holiday tokens and souveniers to gift to their friends on their return. 


Beach Nature Crafts



Shell Crab Fridge Magnets 

Maggy at Red Ted Art is my favorite crafter ever she has the most inspired ideas. Lovng her shell crabs! They are juts the cutest thing ever and a child might like to make one for each of their pals.


Beach Nature Crafts


Also from Maggy some gorgeous loose parts nature art using bits and bobs found on the beach inspired by the very wonderful Andy Goldsworthy – so pretty and so resourceful!


Beach Nature Crafts


And finally form the Red ted Art archives we have these lush super easy Salt Dough Shell Pendants. I love them they are so original and so inspired!



Beach Nature Crafts – Beach memory jar

From Lindsay we have this super cute beach photo memory jar the perfect way to make a day at the beach last a bit longer


Beach Nature Crafts


Sparkly shells

The sparkly shell necklaces are also a dream craft to make after a day out 


Beach Nature Crafts

Sand dough Beach Nature Crafts

And what about these sand dough sculptures! 


Beach Nature Crafts


Beach nature crafts inspired vase

How pretty is this sweet beach inspired  stained glass vase 


Beach Nature Crafts


Shell wreath

Arent shells the best you can do so many beach nature crafts with shells. love this one! 

What a lovely shell wreath

shell craft


Seashell fish

Oh I think this has to be my personal favourite of all the beach nature crafts shared here- these seashell fish are too cute 


Seashell fish


Seashell Art

We have more seashell art now and this one made me giggle so much. Check out these funny shell faces

 and this tutorial for painting seashells is worth a look too 


Seashell Art


More Beach Nature Crafts

How about the coral and seashell bracelets



 and oh aren’t these sand dollar coasters cute too



Seashell candles

My kids and I made these cure seashell candles from our day at the beach what do you think? 



Well there you go lots of love beach nature crafts. Which one is your favourite? Do you craft when you go to the beach..if you do I would love you to drop e a comment and tell me what it is you make on your trip?

It is so important to encourage creativity in kids and the beach is just the perfect location to do so.


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