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Beaches in Venice Italy – 3 of the Best

Oh I long to visit beaches in Venice Italy

 Yes you heard me right there are indeed beaches in Venice or at east very near to Venice .  In fact if you head on over to Ebooking  you can even search for properties near the beaches in Venice to stay at. 

Are you surprised? –  I was, absolutely, but after a bit of a recce I have decided these are simply gorgeous and well worthy of a visit. In order to fully explore the beautiful beaches in Venice, it is advisable to book a yacht charter in Italy and enjoy these pristine beaches in luxury and comfort.

Let me tell you about the 3 I fancy the most. 


3 Stunning beaches in Venice Italy 


Venice Lido (Lido di Venezia) is an island most usually called ‘the Lido’ a short hop from Venice and know as Venice’s seaside

You can reach the Lido by most vaporetto boat lines and in fact it is just is a 30 mins from San Marco. The Lido’s has a 11-kilometer sandbar 

Culture abounds at the Lido!  which is obviously where we get the word Lido form!) 

It houses the Hotel Riviera,  where Thomas Mann wrote his 1912 novel, Death in Venice and where Hemmingway and Byron often visited . Each year the in September  Venice Film Festival is held at the hotel. It is the Cannes of Italia!

Apparently it has a brilliant night life too! 

Oh I just need a big pair of sunglasses and I will fit right in. 


Lido di jesolo

Lido di Jesolo is a purpose-built beach resort  close to Venice. It has 10 miles of sandy yellow beach and is often called the “Venetian Riviera” Along the back of the beach is a long paved walkway and the who are a is a tourists haven with everything you could want or need. There are parks, aquaparks, scuba diving and so on for family fun and lots of chances to jst chill in the hot Italian sunshine. Bliss.

The water is shallow and warm so perfect for families too.

Sounds like the perfect holiday destination to me. 

There are lots of lovely hotels too and proximity to Venice means this could make a brilliant destination to explore AND to relax. 


Beaches in Venice


Last but not least on my top beaches in Venice list is …


Isola delle Rose

 Isola delle Rose is the closest beach to Venice and takes just 25 minutes to get there. 

This is one seriously luxurious island it has a  Michelin-star restaurant, an exquisite spa, and a lovely sandy beach. Sounds pretty perfect to me! 


Isola delle Rose


The beaches in Venice Italy and those nearby are spectacular and very worthy bucket list destinations. 



Beaches in Venice Italy is a collaborative post 


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