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Unique Gift Wrap Ideas – Fun Eco & Thrifty

Unique gift wrap ideas

If you are looking for Beautiful and unique gift wrap ideas then look no further.

I have a host of really thoughtful and interesting creative gift wrapping suggestions here. I do hope you like them!


Unique gift wrap ideas

Plain old wrapping paper can be so boring and even wasteful. Sometimes you just wanna take things to a new level and get creative with them. Step out of the box with the DIY, unique, and even practical and always creative ways to wrap gifts.


unique gift wrap ideas

unique gift wrap ideas


Beautiful and unique gift wrap ideas

Brown shipping paper and stamps are one of the most common DIY gift wrap options. While not inherently creative it does leave you with a lot of freedom to do pretty much anything.  Add photos of loved ones, stamps or custom stickers to decorate the paper. If you are skilled in art you could draw or paint your own design on the packages for a very personal touch. If you are skilled in art you could draw or paint your own design on the packages for a very personal touch.

The Sunday comics and a great creative upcycled way to wrap gifts. This is perfect for children or those that are children at heart. Save the comic each week and ask friends and family to do the same when they buy the paper.


unique gift wrap ideas


More unique gift wrap ideas

Small blankets make a great creative way to wrap a gift. The person that is always cold will appreciate this practical gift wrap choice. Choose a festive design and secure with a big bow and a little double-sided tape to keep it in place. If you struggle to keep it folded around the gift add a few stitches with a needle and thread.

A fun T-shirt makes a great unique gift wrap. Choose one that your recipient would love as a gift on it’s own and make your wrapping paper become a gift as well.

Much like the blanket idea, this practice and eco-friendly gift wrap is sure to impress and just needs a bow and some double sided sticky tape to pull off. Try to get the design of the shirt front and center to really make the package look personal.



Small gifts are perfect for placing inside a pair of fuzzy socks. Cheap fuzzy socks can be found at the local dollar store. Place the gift inside the first one, then inside the match folding over and securing with a bow for a fun and reusable gift wrap no one will forget.


Relevant  and unique gift wrap ideas

The chef in your life would be impressed if you used a tea towel to create a beautifully simple gift wrap. Adorn with a wooden spoon for a fun touch.

Have a traveller on your Christmas list this year? Using maps as wrapping paper is a great way to upcycle old maps and add a personal touch to gifts for the travellers on your list. This one also makes a great conversation starter when people ask what the map is of.

unique gift wrap ideas

The musician on your list would fall in love with wrapping paper made of sheet music. Take fresh prints of sheet music and tea dye them to look antiqued, top with a bow and some bells for a beautiful and creative way to wrap gifts.

Use black kraft paper and white paint markers to create beautiful “Chalkboard” designed packages for your child’s teachers. you can even have your child do the decorating.



unique gift wrap ideas


What are your unique gift wrap ideas?

The best way to get the most of your creative wrapping paper ideas is to take a chance and try something new. You may just discover the new best unique gift wrap.

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Eco-friendly and unique gift wrap ideas

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