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Beautiful Baskets from The Holding Company


Today – Beautiful Baskets from The Holding Company

Oh, storage is so important isn’ it (if only my kids learned to use it!)

I love natural materials in the storage in my home rather than plastics or MDF and I have a number of wooden boxes and wicker and willow baskets around the house.

I have to say they were looking terribly tired though so I was completed delighted when the lovely folk at The Holding Company asked me if I would like to do a review.

One of the biggest storage problems in our house is most certainly shoes. My son has football boots of 2 kinds, 2 pairs of trainers, school shoes and slippers. My daughter has sandals, tennis trainers, other trainers, pumps, schools shoes and slippers. I have…well have you got all day? Basically, I have just SO many pairs of shoes and I like them all to be accessible. So, yep, a lot of shoes.


Beautiful Baskets from The Holding Company

Why am I I telling you about all our shoes? Well, that’s because shoe storage, where to and how to store them, is an ongoing problem in our house.

I normally keep a box by the front door but it is never big enough. After having a good explore of   Laundry Baskets at The Holding Company I decide one of them might just fit the bill perfectly. They have the most lovely range of colours, styles, fabrics and sizes I was quite spoilt for choice with their beautiful baskets 

In the end, I opted for the Gebang Laundry Basket in dark wicker. It is a lovely large size 55 cm across and 67 cm high and it stores all the shoes we need it to really easily and it fits perfectly by our front door. It’s a great find!



Beautiful Baskets


Obviously, it would work perfectly as a linen basket too but it has definite versatility!


Beautiful Baskets



There are other lovely  Storage Baskets at The Holding Company and I really had a very hard time deciding which appealed to me most. They have such a diverse range – there are baskets for the kitchen, fireside, bedroom and bathroom, in just so many styles and designs and a variety of budgets.

My heart was completely won over though by their  beautiful baskets ESPECIALLY the  chunky rattan basket


Beautiful Baskets


The loop handles on the rattan make it easy to carry and although we don’t actually have a real fire this is such a practical open basket.

Utterly perfect for holding gifts!



I think more permanently we will these beautiful baskets to hold toys and games, it is robust and so aesthetically pleasing I am just delighted with it.

Do go and have a look at this lovely storage company – they have some absolutely beautiful storage items, far more than just baskets, in fact pretty much any kind of storage you can think of!

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