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Beautiful Bespoke Furniture

Oh I do love beautiful bespoke furniture

I had an elegant great aunt who had a very beautiful home filled with treasures she had collected over the years and from around the world.

I look at my very white and bright home with its pop art and piles of books and squashy red sofas and think how far my style is from hers.

Except in our bedroom.

Our bedroom is light blue, grey and white and rather serene. It is much more ‘grown up’ than the rest of our home. It simply longs for an elegant armchair to complete the look.





Beautiful Bespoke Furniture

Over at  englanderline.com I have been looking at the most perfect bespoke furniture to compliment my bedroom. Englander Line make reproduction furniture mainly from the regency and French empire periods. They also make bespoke pieces of exceptional quality.

Isn’t this French love seat just beautiful.

I do think  antique armchairs just look so sophisticated and one like the one above in pale grey silk would just be absolutely perfect for my bedroom.

I rather like the look of this lovely sofa too but with pale pink upholstery and perhaps a distressed white wood surround?

I think  bespoke furniture is such a lovely idea when you know exactly what you want and when you are looking for an item to last a long time and have a very definite idea of your style.bespoke furniture

So yes I am after a completely different style for my bedroom. I want it to be smart, elegant and classic the rest of the house can be bright breezy and modern, I am after a boudoir with style! i think the right piece of furniture could make all the difference.



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