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A beautiful bespoke necklace from DIWAH

Oh I do love pretty things, I also lovely handmade things and I also love to be part of a design process.

DIWAH is absolutely the perfect online jewellery store for me. I was so delighted to be asked to review their services. It provides an intuitive and fun way to create your own stunning jewellery online. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed searching through the colours and jewels and myriad of styles they had on offer.

There are two options with this fabulous service….

You can choose the style of your necklace and then choose from a selection of component collections to load into the jewellery designer. Then you simply drag and drop your design onto the necklace! (you will soon be able make a bracelet too) You can have a go with the template here

They also offer a design service, in which the DIWAH team can design a piece of jewellery for you, based on your specifications. All they would need to do is to fill out a little form, so they know a bit more about your style. You can find the design form here

Prices range from around £40

How fun is that? Also a lovely way to make a really bespoke gift for someone.

In the end I gave design control over to DIWAH as I wanted to see what they would come up with But I did choose the colours, semi precious beads and lengths iI wanted. All designs are hand crafted by the DIWAH team in the UK and they seem to get a real sense of what you are after.

They sent me some photos of the necklace being made


Are you ready to see the final result?

I was so excited when the packaged came through..so beautifully wrapped too


My necklace had even been given a name ‘belle of the ball’


I had nowhere special to go but oh I just had to wear it. Isn’t it gorgeous!

I just love that I have such a gorgeous piece of jewellery made specially for me I shall treasure it always


P.S When you sign up for their newsletter you also get 20% of your first order which is well worth doing!  They also have a rather fabulous jewellery blog which keeps you updated with current trends, how to store  your jewellery, etc.

A fabulous service and highly recommended.

P.P.S DIWAH also sell lots of lovely already made jewellery and I just purchased this gorgeous ring which will match my ‘belle of the ball’ necklace beautifully.


diwah 2


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