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A Beautiful Cast Iron Chiminea

Cast Iron Chiminea – our’s has been such a beautiful  addition to our home,

I am so completely in love with our new cast iron chimenea. If anything can brighten up this cold miserable weather it is this. Isn’t it just gorgeous!


A Beautiful Cast Iron Chiminea

I have long wanted A Beautiful Cast Iron Chiminea and this one is perfect

It is a solid cast iron outdoor heater and there is little better to do than wrapping yourself in a blanket on a chill winter evening and sit beside a roaring chiminea in your garden. particularly when it is this beautiful.

The chiminea also has a swing out cast iron cooking grill so whilst we are warming our toes we have also been warming our veggie sausages. How perfect! Keeping me cosy and well-fed!

Such a sociable thing to have for the summer when you have friends round for drinks in the garden and want to add a little warmth or cook up some food. It comes with a lid to stop the rain, a metal tool for opening and a mesh door. I think it extremely stylish but so practical too. It is a lovely addition to our garden.

The chiminea is from The Range who sell a lovely and wide range of great value garden furniture.

We have used wood in it to burn and it really does look great and emits out a lot of heat.


Take a look at our cast iron chiminea


A Beautiful Cast Iron Chiminea


It costs £89.99 and looks both hard wearing and robust so this is very good value. It is an absolutely classic design and would not look out of place in any garden. We were sent this to review from The Range.

Needless to say, we are delighted with it.


The Range actually sell a range of chimineas and I would love to show you a few (though ours is my absolute favourite)


cast iron chiminea

Bronze chiminea


Red spiral chiminea

cast iron chiminea

Squat chiminea


Clematis clay chiminea


These are actually just a few of the collection. They also sell lovely firepits and bowls which are also gorgeous warming and decorative  additions to the garden


How perfect for toasting your crumpets and warming your hands! You cannot beat Chiminea as the perfect garden accessory


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