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Beautiful Hairstyles You Should Try This Winter

Beautiful Hairstyles You Should Try This Winter

Your hair goes through a lot in winter. Cold and moisture won’t do it good, and extremely low temperatures can be very hard on it. If you want, you can hide it under a beanie and call it a day. But why should you do that?

Even the lowest temperature and the biggest snowstorm shouldn’t prevent you from looking stylish and feeling beautiful. There are many exciting hairstyles that can withstand the elements. In this article, you’ll find five amazing ideas you should definitely try this winter. If you want to get inspired, keep on reading!


Hairstyles You Should Try This Winter


Beautiful Hairstyles You Should Try This Winter

Lets take a look at some awesome style ideas


Pixie Cut

Experts at Scissor Tec agree – pixie cuts are bold, and they’re not for everyone! It’s a short hairstyle that really shows off your facial features. There’s nowhere to hide – except a nice hat, a beanie, or a stylish hairband. It may be a bit scary, but it’s also very convenient.

You may consider getting a pixie cut if you’re comfortable with your face shape. It’s comfortable, easy to maintain and style. Some believe it’s a fashion statement – then make it so! Add heavy makeup and original jewelry, and you’re good to go.


pixie cut

Low Ponytail with a Twist

Anyone can rock a high ponytail. If you don’t want to be dubbed the second Ariana Grande, don’t go with the flow! We offer you something far more exciting – a low ponytail with a twist. This hairdo is perfect for cold days, especially if you need to go out somewhere in a hat. Just tie your hair below the line of your beanie, and you won’t disrupt it.

However, there’s a twist – as promised! This hairstyle can be a great option for parties or even more formal occasions. All you have to do is to get creative with the way you tie your ponytail. You can use a bow, an elastic with a whimsical hairpin, a velour scrunchie, or even a ribbon if you feel like it. Your options are almost endless – pick the one that’s going to suit the occasion the most.


Variations on the Bob – Beautiful Hairstyles You Should Try This Winter

Your hair may get weaker in winter. As such, you may be tempted to trim it a bit. If you want to save your precious inches and still be able to wear your hair down, a bob could be the best solution for you.

You can choose the length that suits you the most. Even medium and short bobs are easy to style – you can still curl your hair a bit to bring back summer memories, or go full rock-and-roll and opt for a colorful ombre. It’s a classic, fashionable hairstyle that looks good on virtually anyone!


Braided Hairstyles

There are so many types of braids we don’t know where to start. They’re timeless, elegant, and easy to make. If done well, they don’t have to remind you of your early school days! Braids can transform your look completely and give it a notch of sophistication – all you have to do is choose your style and pick an outfit.

Some braids, like a classic or French braid, are extremely easy to make. Others can be more problematic (boxer braids, we’re looking at you!), but with enough determination and loads of practice, you can perfect each and every braid. If you want to make your braided hairstyle even more fun and whimsical, you can add pins, bows, and other accessories.


Hairstyles You Should Try This Winter

Hairstyles You Should Try This Winter


Braided Updo

Here’s a twist on a braided hairstyle and a classic updo. Many people don’t like to put their hair up because they think their face looks boring. Also, anyone can make a ponytail or a quick braid and call it a day. A messy bun is great but lacks finesse. Why not combine these methods and make a braided updo?

You can either braid the top part of your hair or focus on the lower half and tie your hair in the middle. Then, you can make a bun or a ponytail. You can also make a braid or two on one or both sides of your head and tie the rest of your hair up. As you can see, there are many ways you can approach this hairstyle. Feel free to try them out – the final result can be spectacular!


The Bottom Line on Beautiful Hairstyles You Should Try This Winter

Winter is in full swing. Depending on where you live, you might be dealing with low temperatures, and going out without a hat would be insane. On the other hand, you may be fed up with wearing your hair down or keeping it up in a boring ponytail. Whatever the case, it’s time to bring your hair game to another level.


The ideas mentioned above are perfect for the cold season. They’re stylish, unique, and can elevate your look. If you want, you can make your hair the star of your entire style. Obviously, some of them are more challenging than others. However, keep your mind open, and feel free to try at least some of them this winter.


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