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Beautiful accessories for a small kitchen

accessories for a small kitchen

It has been a year of decluttering so far and my kitchen has probably been the most challenging of areas to attempt to declutter. Oh my goodness, I had such an inherited mismatch of stuff, most of it was pretty ugly, old, scratched and in need of replacing. The bowls didn’t fit together at all well and were cluttering up my limited cupboard space,. most of my storage boxes were sans lids and to be honest it was all very gloomy!

Just in time in I was introduced to the gorgeousness that is Joseph Joseph.

Joseph Joseph sell ‘everything you need to kit out your kitchen, from useful utensil sets to innovative recycling units plus plenty of cooking, cleaning and storage solutions.’

It is beautiful and top quality and really practical.

Let me show you what I mean .


nesting bowl

accessories for a small kitchen

nesting bowl set

Each item of this 9-piece set in the Opal range neatly stacks together taking up less space and making them easier to find when you need them.  It includes a sieve and a colander and measuring cups as well as really useful differently sized bowls. and look how much space it doesn’t take up. I adore it and the gorgeous spring colours too. It looks just lovely and a real solution to my storage problem.

nest measuring cups

The measuring cups are really handy, have you noticed too more and more recipes ask for cup measurements. These can be bought as a stand-alone product too and fit beautifully into each other. Perfect accessories for a small kitchen



Nest storage

When it comes to storage boxes there is also a rather fabulous nest solution…. and it also comes in these beautiful Spring colours. The quality is fanulous and the lids are thicker than usual and really very secure.

storage nest

These are also space-saving storage containers. They really stack together and they each have colourful lids with a corresponding coloured dot on the bottom so you can easily find the matching lid. How clever is that!

I am completely thrilled with these nest products – there is order back in my kitchen cupboards and so much more space. And I do absolutely love the quality and the fact they all co-ordinate. Just lovely

I now have my eye of the matching nest utensils set which is going straight on my birthday wish list.

nest spoons, accessories for a small kitchen

What fabulous solutions to small kitchen storage problems. I just love these accessories for a small kitchen

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