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Beautiful pens

Beautiful pens make me sigh.

My daughter’s school has a system where you have to earn a pen license by showing how neat your writing is in pencil first. I fear I would never win one (sadly she fears the same). Such a shame I think to deny a child who wants one a pen. pens are such things of beauty and increasingly rare these days.

I hate the pen license thingy!

I love a good pen though and there is always one on my birthday wish list.

I am not too fussy, a fountain pen is my favourite with inks of turquoise, emerald green and violet but then a super smooth rollerball pen will make me smile too. day to day this is my go-to pen, smooth as silk and wonderful to write with,

 Beautiful Pens

Faber-Castell Ambition Ballpoint Pen – Sand

faber cast


I love to write letters or postcards to friends and using a good pen make s it all the more pleasurable. I do not do this enough, O  I would love to hear about you and how much you uses beautiful pens? Or is it all done on the keyboard?

Do drop me a comment below and tell me all about it




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