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Beautiful Shutters for Every Home

Let’s take a look today at Beautiful Shutters for Every Home and see what would work for you. 


Open faux shutter living room



The many benefits of beautiful shutters 

Shutters have always been my favourite way to dress a window and they have so many benefits.

I love their timeless appeal and sleek lack of fussiness. I also think they look very classic and adapt well to their surroundings, enabling a home to look either rustic or elegant, modern or vintage.

I remember staying at a very old and tiny hotel in the south of France having beautiful arched wooden shutters that led onto a little balcony. It was exquisite.

I also recall staying in a very modern sleek villa in Portugal that had lovely ceiling to floor vinyl shutters that worked perfectly to keep out the sun and to keep the villa cool (and coped with my kids sticky hands.)

I do truly believe shutters can work well in all homes from contemporary apartments to  sweet little cottages. Let me show you a few examples:

These are long lasting faux wood shutters which

blend the beauty of a real wood look with advanced modern materials to create a stunning and durable window treatment for any room

Aren’t they lovely? The room looks really cosy.


Beautiful Shutters



Modern Beautiful Shutters

I think in this modern bright white kitchen the vinyls give a really airy look and I love how the lights shines in through the slats. I can imagine too at night or on a grey day how lovely it would be to close of the outside and get snug.

Beautiful Shutters


Shutter blinds

Luxaflex® blinds come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your individual requirements so you really can adapt them to your home. This arch looks amazing!

They also come in a range of styles. I just LOVE this cafe style which I think is perfect for an overlooked lounge or perhaps a downstairs bathroom.

cafe style


You don’t just have to stick to white either (though it is always my favourite.)

With Luxaflex® Wood Shutters you can simply provide them with your colour reference and they will match it. Now that is very cool in my book –  Beautiful Shutters are the perfect way to tie up a colour scheme.




Available in wood, faux wood and vinyl, individual to your shape and colour requirements and in a variety of styles, these shutters really are rather fabulous and would work anywhere!

Photo source: All Interiors shutters featured are from Luxaflex blinds




Beautiful shutters, shutters have so mnay benefits and are such a lovely asset to a home come and find out why #shutters

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