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A Beautiful Spring Sofa Collection from Darlings of Chelsea

A Beautiful Spring Sofa Collection from Darlings of Chelsea

The daffodils are fully in bloom through and the skies are bluer than they have been in an age. The stores are filling with pretty pastels and sunglasses Spring is on her way. In fact, whilst writing this I have just told Alexa to play me Spring from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Am feeling all uplifted. Spring has that effect doesn’t it – it enables you to see the world blooming again and makes you feel all hopeful – lighter somehow.

As well as my wardrobe, Spring always makes me want to refresh my interior space too (far more than it ever makes me want to Spring Clean!)

I like to have a good declutter first and put away blankets and heavier candles and maybe winter curtains, velvet / darker cushions and heavier bedspreads. Then, I like to have a good look at my space and think…okay how do we lighten, brighten, Spring-ify (I know there is no such word) this space.


A Spring Sofa

Looking at my well-worn, squishy red sofas I am very tempted to replace them.

I have been looking at Darlings of Chelsea beautiful new Spring range of sofas -the new Harrow sofa range from Darlings of Chelsea features sofas and loveseats, and it is available in a variety of plush pastel shades that are simply stunning.

Darlings of Chelsea

Spring Sofa Collection


The Harrow snuggler is a dream of a love seat… it is perfect for small spaces, and as its name suggests it is totally perfect for snuggling down into with a good book – but it can also comfortably seat two people.

Isn’t it just so pretty? A classic and comfortable design in such a lovely colour. This powder blue velvet known is known as Varese Smoke. (It measures at 127cm)

The Harrow midi sofa below is in Varese Duck Egg, possibly my favourite Spring colour and doesn’t it look super stylish and fresh as a daisy? (It measures at 205cm.)


Spring Sofa Collection

Spring Sofa Collection


The Harrow Midi is a traditionally designed sofa that actually looks really modern. It has elegant curved arms, and a sturdy fixed back. It all has beautiful dark oak turned legs to keep the piece looking delicate. It features deep fibre-filled cushions and is upholstered in Varese velvet, which is made from 100% Cotton and comes with a sumptuous high pile texture, so it is very comfortable.

Oh, how I would LOVE this sofa.

There are also options for a Harrow petit sofa (which measures 175 cm across) and even a made to order Chaise sofa and pouffes and stools. You can see the full range and prices for the Harrow here and you can see all the fabric and colour choices for the Harrow range here

Sigh. Just so lovely.


spring sofa

Spring Sofa Collection


If Darlings of Chelsea is new to you I do urge you to pop over and have a good look at their extensive range, it really is fabulous.  They not only sell gorgeous Spring sofa and chairs but also beautiful beds



The bed frames they sell are fully customisable are made of quality hardwood frames and luxurious fabrics. All the lovely furniture at Darlings is also made in the UK.  they also sell the most glamorous range of sofa beds I have ever seen in my life – seriously you would never ever guess these were sofa beds!





Darlings of Chelsea also sell gorgeous dining room furniture like the stunning ice grey Woodstock below, as well as chairs and benches. Just lovely.



On top of that, there is a wonderful range of accessories at Darlings including stools, TV stands, sideboards, coffee tables, rugs, cushions and more. It’s all delightful and the most fabulous quality. Do have a peek


Spring is here and summer is on it’s way and my home and I am ready to embrace it bring on the Spring Sofa!




Darlings of Chelsea Spring Sofa Collection is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on creating a wardrobe room and  marble design decor


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