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My Beautiful Things by Cerys from Travelled So Far

Hi I’m Cerys, I blog at Travelled So Far where we’re sharing our family adventures as a family for 4. It’s always an interested mix, when you take a budget backpacker and a lie on the beach all inclusive sun worshiper and throw 2 kids that couldn’t be any more different in the mix. From Suffolk sights to Mexican road trips we travelling the world in school holidays exploring, adventuring and learning as we go.


Cerys from Travelled So Far



The most beautiful day I ever had …… 

I think that this has to be the first time we sailed with the kids in the British Virgin Islands. From the moment they woke up very early due to Jet Lag and wanted to jump in the water to feeling the breeze on the sails and then mooring up in a nearly deserted bay for the afternoon and overnight. It was seeing the wonder and awe in their eyes and enjoying the same things that we have too.


The most beautiful thing I have ever seen  

I’m very fortunate to have spent my early adult years working as a marine biologist with sea turtles. I spent the majority of that time working in Costa Rica with Leatherback Sea Turtles. These aren’t like your normal turtle or tortoise instead they haven’t changed since pre-dinosaurs covered in a leather-like skin instead of a shell they are also huge. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen was the first of these beautiful giants coming up the beach that she was born on and digging a nest. Because they shed tears (excess salt) it looked like she was crying as she left her eggs in the sand. Of course, she wasn’t. It wasn’t a one off every time I saw it I felt the same.




The most beautiful thing I have ever owned … 

I don’t tend to have a lot of things and I’m more practical than pretty but! I wanted something simple and me for an engagement ring. I managed to find one that was so me. It’s curved so reminds me of the waves and with 2 small diamonds, it’s not one that I get caught anywhere. When I got married I wanted a wedding ring that fitted with it so we had one designed that mirrors the waves and hugs the engagement ring. That connection with the waves was so important to me.


The most beautiful song I have ever heard ….. 

I love music and this was hard but there is a Latin American group that I discovered when living in Costa Rica and although their music is sad the sound is really beautiful The band is Sin Bandera and their voices and the Spanish makes it really beautiful to listen to. My favourite is De Viaje (meaning travelling).


The most beautiful person I know is…..



I think it would have to be my daughter. She is so enthusiastic about helping the world and everyone and everything on it. Her joy is infectious and her smile can light up even the rainiest of days. She struggles every day to overcome a stammer that at one point made it difficult for all but our family to understand her and now she speaks in public and is about to become the kid review face of Travelled So Far.


The most beautiful thing about me is…… 

My passion for causes, things and people that I believe in. Some may call it stubbornness but it’s me when you get to really know me.


Thankyou Cerys!


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