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My Beautiful Things by Lynn James (AKA Mrs Mummypenny)

Thank you, Becky, for inviting me to join in with Beautiful things. I am Lynn James and I blog at Mrs Mummypenny. I write about personal finance with a dash of healthy body and mind thrown in. I love to help people save money and to simplify anything financial for all to understand.

My Beautiful Things by Lynn James (AKA Mrs Mummypenny)


The most beautiful day I ever had has to be on holiday in the warmth having fun. Last year I went to Las Vegas for my 40th birthday. One day we went on a horse trek through red rock canyon. It was honestly of the most breath taking beautiful treks in the Nevada countryside. At one point we stopped in front of the mountains and it simply stunning.


The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is my three boys being handed to me after giving birth. The feeling of euphoria and relief is huge and then this baby is placed on you that you have just laboured to deliver. It really is the most incredible feeling ever to deliver a baby.



The most beautiful thing I have ever owned is my Prada handbag. I have always been a sucker for handbags and this is a beautiful one. A soft leather beige shopper. A big bag that I bought after my last promotion when I worked in the corporate world. 4 years later and long after leaving that world it still looks as good as new. You get what you pay for with Prada.

The most beautiful song I have ever heard is Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack. I get shivers when I hear it, so I have just had to ask Alexa to play it. It reminds me my teenage years and holds such memories of an innocent life. I have listened to it thousands of times but its timeless and powerful.

The most beautiful person I know is my wonderful friend Rebecca Megson-Smith. We have been friends for 30 years…oh my gosh. She has been there through the good and the bad times, holding hands, laughing, crying. We have been there for each when we both lost our parents. Been there for wedding, children. She is an incredible giving person, when we spend time together she asks questions about me, how my life is going, what I think about the important aspects of life. She married last August, and I got to help her get ready, doing her make up. She looked like a real-life fairy princess, in a Gatsby gown.


Thank you so much Lynn what lovely answers.


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