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Beautify Your Bathroom

Beautify Your Bathroom

Beautify Your Bathroom


Beautify Your Bathroom

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what you may think is a beautiful bathroom may not suit someone else.  It is you that has to live with your bathroom though and it should be exactly as you want it. Making it beautiful for you and your family is what matters, and there really is no end of ideas to achieve that.


Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional bathrooms tended to have a bath, a toilet and a hand basin, but traditional is a rather vague term that can cover a multitude of bygone eras. There are however a few things they often have in common, whether you have chosen to go back as far as the Victorian age or something more retro from the 1940’s.

Tiles were always an important feature, usually plain with a patterned border tile or with a pattern on them all. They were usually made from stone or porcelain, both of which are still available today.

Bathtubs were free standing and could be placed in any part of the bathroom. They sometimes had claw feet, which is a trend that has become very popular once again.

The sink was of the pedestal types, and would sometimes have a vanity unit fitted below for storage.  The sink and bath taps would have been in chrome or nickel-plated.

The walls were usually covered in washable wallpaper, as this was resistant to the moisture of a bathroom. The colours tended to be very pale shades and often the accessories such as towels and bath mats were white.

If you want your bathroom to have a traditional look, it does not have to be bland or unappealing. They usually look very elegant and can be a very calming haven of peace and quiet after a hard day at work.


Modern Bathrooms

Modern bathroom interiors tend to be minimalistic, with lots of storage places so everything can be hidden away. They are often decorated in much darker colours, sometimes with whole sheets of marble covering a wall.  Mixing darker colours, such as red and black is also a feature of many modern bathrooms. Cubes and squares are a part of the modern culture for bathrooms, and you will see very few of them with curves.

Double sinks tend to be used in them, and larger shower cubicles are often installed. Rain showers are becoming very popular, as there is no dodging around to get under the flow of water.

Modern bathroom are more likely to have a hardwood or stone floor without any bathmats. These are generally very easy to clean and always look good as long as they have a waterproof coating.

They will usually have as much natural light as possible, but where this is not enough there will be LED spot lights or recessed lighting which can give the impression of daylight. Mirrors and glass are also used to their best advantage, as they will reflect any light and make even the smallest of bathrooms appear larger.


Start to Beautify Your Bedroom

Once you have decided on the look you want for your bathroom it is time to making it beautiful. You do not have to have a full bathroom refit to be able to achieve your desired appearance, there are some very simple and cheap steps you can take.

Start off with getting rid of the clutter. This does not mean throwing everything away but introduce some storage items that fit in with the look you want. It could be some nice pots or glass vases. These can be used for brushes, toothpastes and several other things. They will make the bathroom look less cluttered, and can have some potpourri perhaps in the bottom to keep the bathroom smelling pleasant

While you are decluttering, go through any cupboards and drawers and get rid of anything that is no longer needed. You might just find you have enough room in them to put a few other things away.


Colour Scheme

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When you have chosen your colour scheme, paint the doors of your vanity unit and any other cupboards to match. As long as you sand them before painting, they will have a finish that makes them look like new. You could even attach some mouldings to them, before or after you paint, depending on the appearance you are after.

Your walls and ceiling should probably be next. Ask yourself if they need redecorating or will they fit in as they are. You do not want to create more work than is necessary to get your beautiful bathroom.


Accessories to Beautify Your Bathroom

Time to start accessorising and this can be one of the most important parts of your project. No matter what style you have opted for, some indoor plants can look good, but choose ones that are easy to look after and that will not grow too big. Ideally, a couple sitting on a windowsill will be enough, but if your bathroom is large you may want a few more.

Consider your window dressing. If that needs a change perhaps a roller blind might be better? They are very easy to install, easy to maintain and do not cost a fortune. You can buy water resistant ones in a huge range of colours and sizes, and then you do not have to worry about the bathroom moisture affecting them.

Bath mats sets need to be neutral matching and good quality 


The lighting is also vital to get the effect you want. Change old light bulbs for water resistant LED lights. They are very flexible, cost a fraction of more traditional light bulbs to run and do not need replacing so often. They will let you change the level of light to suit your mood.

Your bathroom is often the one room in your house that you spend time alone without being distracted, which explains why it is one of the most popular home improvements.  You do not need to go to the full cost of having your bathroom refitted to make it beautiful though, you can do that yourself by spending just a few pounds.


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