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Beautify Your Windows with these Top Tips

Beautify your windows

Your windows and how you dress them can be a surprisingly important part of the décor of your home. You want them to let in as much natural light as possible, but do not always want the sun blazing through them in the height of summer. All these things need taking into consideration when you are looking at ways to dress your windows, and here are a few tips that might help you with your decision.


If the window you are considering is in a small room, you can save space by having recessed blinds. These come in hundreds of different materials and colours. They can be roller blinds, Venetian blinds or maybe Roman blinds and if you use these Argos codes, they won’t have to cost you a fortune. If you buy from certain places, they can even be made to fit an awkwardly shaped window or buy waterproof ones for bathrooms and kitchens.

Blinds are also very good for blocking out the sun without losing the benefit of daylight. If you have bought slatted blinds, the slats are adjustable to suit the weather or the time of day. If you have bought roller blinds you can drop them far enough to stop the sun pouring in, but leave them open enough to still have some natural light.

Look after them properly and your blinds will last for many years.


Lengthen The Curtain Rail

An age-old trick to make your window looker wider is to extend the curtail rail a few inches off either end. This tricks your mind into thinking there is glass behind the whole curtain, and especially if the curtains are of a thicker material, can be very effective.

Some people go to the extent of having the curtains covering a couple of feet each side, so it looks like there is much more window and a lot less wall. Others achieve a similar effect by hanging the curtain rail higher, as that will make the window look deeper than it really is.



Avoid White Next To White

If your window frames are white, avoid painting the space around them white as well. Your window will disappear when really it should stand out. Even a slight bit of colour will look better with white frames than white walls.

If you have set your heart on white walls, give your window frame some colour instead. You would not want to be painting UPVC frames, but you could put a coloured trim around them.


Use Low Furniture

It can be quite easy to visually trick our brains, and putting low furniture by a window does just that. It affects the way we see the scale of things, and low furniture makes your windows look bigger.


Plain Walls With Patterned Window Dressings

If you have plain walls, brighten up your room with patterned window dressings, which you can get at Hilarys. Whether you are using blinds or curtains does not matter. You will always find a huge array of patterns to choose from. Your window dressing can be the focal point of your room, so it is important that you get the effect you want. The bolder the pattern the more it will be noticed and if the rest of the room is plain, that is perfect.

Time to get dressing!


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