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Beautiful MagicLinen Linen Bedding Review

MagicLinen linen bedding – MagicLinen is a small family business based in Lithuania. They produce handmade linen home textiles and clothing from European high-quality OEKO-Tex certified linen and then they ship them worldwide.

Their products are absolutely stunning and I am so excited to showcase them.






Beautiful MagicLinen linen bedding

I love small family businesses who have found their niche and MagicLinen really have found theirs.

They produce the most lovely linen clothes, super stylish but also very simple and just absolute classics. They do nightwear, bags, tops, bottoms, dresses and robes and I absolutely adore every single item they produce and the colours are gorgeous.

They also create gorgeous bath linens ….their towels are pretty! (How can a towel be pretty?)



MagicLinen Linen


MagicLinen Linen Offers

Oh, I want to show you everything! You are just going to have to pop on over to MagicLinen yourself and see what they have to offer. For a small company, they have a large range of goodies!

They have kitchen and table linens too as well s curtains! And oh their aprons are just lovely!


MagicLinen Linen

I do love linen


But the best thing about MagicLinen?

Well, it has to be their bed linen, it is really truly something special.

I was absolutely delighted to be asked if I would like to review some bed linen form MagicLinen and I chose the white linen duvet cover set with 2 pillows.

It is absolutely beautiful and looks so pretty in my bedroom.



Doesn’t it make it look so fresh and inviting?





I  do think the wooden buttons are just lovely and give a rustic and natural look to this beautiful textile.


I have slept soundly in this bedding and I am really hankering after it in another colour now.

Love this woodrose set- what a stunning colour.


You can see there full range of linen bedding over on the website.

Expect to fall in love with beautiful MagicLinen linen bedding

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