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The Beauty of Cornwall

The Beauty of Cornwall


The Beauty of Cornwall

New build homes across the county of Cornwall have become increasingly popular since the beginning of 2014. In towns such as: Duporth, Grampound, Portreath, Truro, Wadebridge and Pool, are proving to be some of the most popular destinations for families across the length and breadth of the UK to set up home.

Brand new home developments in Cornwall, created by esteemed developer Linden Homes, provide everything you could need in a 21st century home. Being very competitively priced, the new developments boast ultra-modern kitchen and bathroom facilities, spacious living rooms and cosy bedrooms.

But what about Cornwall itself makes these developments the ideal start for you and your family?

To begin with, its proximity to nature is extremely popular. Children respond incredibly well to natural stimulus; to fresh green fields, to salty sea air, to imperious jagged cliffs and luxurious woodland. The way a child looks at the sea bird circling overhead or the fox peering out of the hedgerow is a sight to behold. Nature teaches a child many, many things; about the importance of the planet, about respect and love for other living things and about the intricacies of science.  Nowhere in the country is the natural world more prevalent than in Cornwall.


Cornish coastline

Having such an abundance of coastline and moorland also leads to a healthy, active lifestyle. The inhabitants of Cornwall are well known for their love of surfing and sailing, with the waves around Newquay and Bude particularly renowned. Cycling and cross-country are also very popular pursuits, as is rugby union. No sofa dwellers down here!

Secondly, traditional British values are at their height in Cornwall. As a heavily rural and very distinct county (with their own language, don’t forget!), Cornwall still retains some of that ‘old worldly’ charm that other bits of the country may have lost – hard work, discipline and common sense. If you place great emphasis on the values that you yourself were brought up with, then Cornwall is the ideal place to give your child a similar grounding in life.

Finally, Cornwall has around 30 state schools and a further eight independent schools, should that be the option you wish to take. There are also three sixth form colleges, as well as a university – University College Falmouth. This university is particularly well known for creative degrees.

All in all, modern homes in the most spectacularly beautiful and scenic part of the country – traditional British values combined with an outdoors lifestyle and a twinge of creativity thrown into the mix help to make Cornwall the best possible place to raise a family.


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