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Beauty trends from a leading cosmetic ingredients supplier

The impact of lockdown on make up use

Sophim.com are cosmetic ingredients supplier that lead the way when it comes to beauty trends. Their study into how cosmetics were impacted by recent times makes for some interesting reading.

Did you even consider for one minute how make up was impacted by the pandemic?

 I guess it is obvious when you think about it, From working form home and mask wearing may women dramatically reduced their make up use – in fact the amount of French women wearing make up daily reduced by almost half as a result.  In fact it has become a bit of a badge of honour to go make-up free. In December 2020, the hashtag #nomakeup, for example, included nearly 20 million posts, and #nomakeupselfie nearly 570,000 posts.

Have you reduced your make up use in recent times?


Beauty trends


Beauty is still booming

You might think that lower make up sales mean bad news for the cosmetic industry but cosmetic ingredients supplier  Sophim.com report otherwise. Due to massive use of anti bacterial products for sanitising and handwashing there has been a linked increase in the use of emollient products, which offer  skin hydration and dryness-reduction and protection. Hand creams have essential! 

Sophim sell selection of emollient products with a natureal base including:

  • PHYTOSQUALAN: squalane of vegetable origin, obtained from the olive
  • INSAPOLIVE: unsaponifiable fraction of olive oil, enriched with squalene.
  • BIOPHYTOSEBUM: natural emollient, dry to the touch, also obtained from olives


Health is key

Health as well as concern for the environment has seen sales of products with healthier, more natural ingredients soar. I have to say this is always a concern for me and I know the majority of my readers feel the same. 

Apparently 50% of French women who decided in 2020 to wear less make-up, said that it was because they wanted to reduce the amount of chemicals coming into contact with their skin Nearly  third also said care for the environment and animal welfare also  impacted this choice. There is also an increased focus on upcycling.

 Sophim offers a wide choice of cosmetic vegetable oils, which are appeal across the board due to their biodegradability and natural origin. These are the kin of ingredients consumers now want. 


Wellness rather than glamour

Wellness is another driving force behind current cosmetic purchasing and items like hemp oil are in demand, something that is good for you both body and soul. After a time of illness and stress beauty has become about looking after ourselves rather than juts a concern looking food


Current beauty trends may be more minimal but they are also more ethical and more nurturing and they have compassion behind them too. 


Beauty trends from a leading cosmetic ingredients supplier

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