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In the Bedroom: Creating that Perfect Sleeping Space

Perfect Sleeping Space

Creating a perfect sleeping space

Do you long for a perfect sleeping space?

The average person spends 25 years of their life asleep, which means the all-important bed is one of the most well-used pieces of furniture in the home. Choosing the right bed should take a little consideration and it’s important to find one that meets your specific needs.

Finding the perfect bed however is just the beginning and equal importance should be given to setting out your sleeping area in order to achieve a peaceful night’s sleep.


Remember to test in-store

Over 40% of the population suffer from back pain at some point throughout their life and unsupportive beds can be a contributing factor. The good news is that choosing a sturdy frame and comfortable mattress can not only help to alleviate back pain but can also reduce the risk of this complaint occurring. Mattresses should offer comfort and should also be supportive enough to allow natural curvature of the spine. Make sure you spend enough time testing out different models in-store to ensure you choose correctly; spend at least 15 minutes on each bed before purchasing.

Remember your room size to create the perfect sleeping space

We’d all love to have that king-size bed to sprawl out on every evening but there’s not point squeezing this piece of furniture into a small space. Your sleeping area should be a peaceful sanctuary at the end of the day and that shouldn’t mean jumping obstacles just to get into bed. Keep the room free from clutter and keep other furniture in this room to a minimum; bedside tables are of course ideal for keeping necessities close to hand. If you can, avoid placing your bed next to the window and the foot of the bed should ideally be facing the doorway.


Get your bedroom décor right

Colour can produce a distinct ambience; when it comes to wall colours neutral and darker shades are ideal for creating a soothing and calm atmosphere. It’s also a good idea to choose carpets and duvet covers that match the wall décor but go for a slightly darker or lighter shade to create some contrast. Invest in some table lamps or even candles if you want to instil a more intimate atmosphere. Make your bedroom somewhere that you’ll look forward to spending some time in and that means comfortable, calm and seriously cozy.

Hopefully, you’re not going to spend those 25 years asleep on the same bed and buying at least a new mattress every eight years is a wise investment. Spending a little extra on the right bed will be money well spent and you should be rewarded with a blissful night’s sleep.


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