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Bedroom Feng Shui Layout – 8 Top Tips

Are you wondering how to create a bedroom feng shui layout?

Homeowners struggling to sleep are being told to follow rules of Feng Shui to create a calming environment in the bedroom. Bendroom Feng Shui layout tips include placing the bed in a commanding position and adding some greenery to the space. read on to find out more!


Bedroom Feng Shui Layout – Why it matters

Homeowners planning a bedroom makeover are being encouraged to follow the rules of Feng Shui to bring in calming energy and aid sleep.A philosophy based on ancient Chinese natural laws, Feng Shui works to optimise the flow of positive energy in a space. Something all of us want in our homes. 

Following Feng Shui principles, the expert’s tips include making sure your bed placement is correct and having two matching nightstands at either side of the bed.

Nic Shacklock from Online-Bedrooms.co.uk said: “Feng Shui offers lots of tricks for adding a sense of calm into your life, which we think is particularly important in the bedroom.To benefit from the best night’s sleep, it is important to make sure your room is a space which feels peaceful and soothing, rather than overstimulating.Whether you are fully on board with the philosophy behind the ancient practice, or you just want to create a more tranquil space – following the principles of Feng Shui is sure to help.”


Bedroom Feng Shui  layout tips for your bedroom:

  1. Bed position

Bed placement is vital to creating good energy and is believed to improve wellness and mood, according to Feng Shui principles. To achieve a bedroom layout which applies to these rules, you must place your bed in a commanding position. This places the bed in a position where you would be facing the door but not directly in line with it.

Having your feet lay directly in line with the door when in bed is referred to as the ‘coffin position’. Positioning yourself in this way can disrupt sleep, cause tension and a feeling of uneasiness. 


Bedroom Feng Shui Layout



2.  Declutter

Feng Shui principles state clutter should be kept to a minimum at all times in order to enhance a feeling of serenity in the bedroom. Having lots of items out around you can cause chaos with your brain and affect sleeping. Make sure to have a big declutter and only hold on to necessary items. Opt for sleek fitted furniture options with integrated drawers and shelves to organise all of your belongings and make sure everything has a home. 

3. Space around your bed

If sharing your bed with a partner, it is recommended to leave open space on either side of the bed. This is said to encourage a positive balance and leaves enough space for either person. As symmetry is another trick loved by Feng Shui practitioners, those without partners should still plan their room this way. Symmetry and placing items in pairs are thought to bring a harmonious energy, so make sure to have two matching nightstands at either side of your bed. 

4.Close all drawers and doors

In Feng Shui, it is important to keep all distractions to a minimum. When it comes to the bedroom, make sure you are able to switch your brain off at night by keeping all doors and drawers closed so your items are out of sight. This way you can focus on getting a good night’s sleep and not thinking about what clothes you need to iron or what drawer needs organising!

5.   Paint colours

To bring the best energy into your bedroom, carefully consider your paint colour. Avoid anything dark, bright or overpowering and instead go for soft hues, pastels and soothing colours. Think about how colours affect your mood and energy to help choose which shade to go for. 

6.  Electricals

Feng Shui centres around the natural world, meaning all electrical items in the bedroom can reduce the levels of calmness and work against the yin and yang of your bedroom. Make sure to limit electrical items in the bedroom, including phones and laptops, to restore the level of calm and avoid any major disruptions to your sleep. 


Bedroom Feng Shui Layout

7. Plants 

Adding some greenery to your bedroom is a must for a balanced and fresh relaxing space. Plants are regarded as hugely important in Feng Shui and are said to uplift the energy of a room. Money trees, snake plants and calatheas are all popular for boosting Feng Shui in the home, but plants like philodendron and rubber trees work especially well in bedrooms for their calming energy. 


Reflective surfaces play a big part in the Feng Shui for your bedroom, and it is very important they are placed correctly. Reflective surfaces bounce energy and light around your room, so should not be placed in front of your bed or opposite windows, as the reflections could cause disturbances in sleep. If you cannot avoid having a mirror in one of these positions, cover them at night with a blanket or curtain. 


Bedroom Feng Shui Layout – Final thoughts

Whether you embrace it completely or take it with a pinch of salt this is all good interior design advice for a restful bedroom – I do hope these bedroom Feng Shui layout tips help you have a wonderful nights sleep

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