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Bedspreads: Infuse Style and Elegance into Your Bedroom

The décor items we include in our bedroom have a great impact on the entire feel of the room and can, in turn, affect our sleep. This being said, it’s essential that we opt for items that are in line with our needs, serve us the best they can, make us feel relaxed, and induce only positive feelings. One of these crucial elements is, of course, bedding. 

From the material to the colour, everything’s important to get the right vibe in the room. Since it consists of many layers, all need to be chosen with great care. But one of the key pieces with the biggest visual impact is the bedspread. So for starters, let’s focus on finding you a beautiful and comfy bedspread. 


Bedspreads: Infuse Style and Elegance into Your Bedroom


What Are Bedspreads and What Are They Used for?

Bedspreads are the upper, extra layer of bedding that you use to cover your bed. They’re lightweight and can’t provide good insulation during the colder months. They can be quilted and are used as more of a decorative element. They’re large, which means they cover the entire bed and drape over the edges. You can style them in different ways if you don’t want to cover the entire bed. For instance, you could fold them in half and contrast them with the other layers for an aesthetic look.

This layer of bedding is the perfect addition not only to your bedroom but the guest room as well. Of course, they should always match the rest of the décor for a cohesive look. Even though they aren’t the ideal choice for the winter months, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be used then. With the other layers, they create extra warmth and act as gorgeous accent pieces in the room.

They can be often confused with the other layers of bedding, like a blanket, throw, or a coverlet, but there are differences between all of them.


  • Blankets – Although blankets can be used for decoration, their primary purpose is to keep you warm, and they’re also smaller than bedspreads;
  • Throws – A throw is also used for an extra layer of warmth but it’s much smaller than a blanket. It can serve for decorating purposes but can’t cover the entire bed;
  • Coverlet – Coverlets also don’t cover the bed and go only over the top and a little on the sides. Since they’re smaller, they’re more flexible when it comes to styling.

Bedspreads are the perfect cover for warmer months and their versatile design makes them a must-have in every bedroom. You can choose from a wide variety of bedspreads and find the most suitable one for your bedroom’s décor. 


Bedspread Colour: How to Choose the Perfect Bedding Colour?   

When it comes to colour, bedspreads can be found in any colour that you can imagine. Because of all the available options, oftentimes we forget to look at the big picture and choose colours that don’t work with the style of the bedroom or the look that we’ve imagined. This is why it’s important to follow several simple rules when choosing the colour of our bedspread.

Look at the other colours in the room – Take inspiration and match the colour of your bedding to the one that’s already present in the room. This is the best way to ensure that you won’t end up with something completely different that doesn’t go with anything else;

Create a colour scheme – No matter how well we think we know the colour that we want, going to the store or picking a bedspread online can be overwhelming. Having a colour scheme in front of you can make the choice much easier and more accurate;

Think about what you’re trying to accomplish – If you want the bedding to blend in with the room’s décor, more subtle designs are the way to go. On the other hand, if you want to make the bed an accent piece in the room, pick bolder colours that will make a statement.


Bedspreads: Infuse Style and Elegance into Your Bedroom

Bedspread Patterns: Pick Your Design Wisely 

And what’s a better way to make a statement than with a pattern? If you fancy patterns, you probably have them all over the room. You want to be careful with that because too many different patterns can create a confusing space that’s hard to look at because there’s so much going on. This is why if you have patterns everywhere, you should opt for solid bedspreads. But if you have a simple background, a patterned bedspread can add just the twist your bedroom needs.

When choosing a pattern, take into account the style of the room and even the bed frame. For instance, a geometric pattern wouldn’t be the best choice if your room has a traditional style, but it would perfectly fit a modern décor. Also, if there are other smaller patterns, try to match them. That can be an artwork or a piece with patterned fabric that you have in the room.


Bedspreads: Infuse Style and Elegance into Your Bedroom


Several Tips on Choosing the Ideal Bedspread

Since we usually buy bedspreads to serve as the top layer of the bed and it’s their design that has the most impact on the room’s décor, keep the other layers plain and simple. Let the bedspread take the spotlight while the other layers complement it.

Select the shape and the size according to your bed. In order to find the ideal size, measure your mattress so you can choose accordingly.

If you’re buying bedspreads online, don’t settle for the first one that matches some of your requirements. This way of shopping makes choosing and browsing so much easier because you can do it from the comfort of your home. Take your time and carefully read the specifications to make sure that they are suitable in size. 

Also, see what kind of material they offer because different ones can give an entirely different feel so it might not be what you expected when you ordered it. Choose your materials wisely because not only are they important for the look of the bed but your skin as well. 


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