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The Best Benefits of Floor Tiles vs Lino for your Kitchen

Today – Benefits of Floor Tiles vs lino 

Are you looking at the benefits of floor tiling are you wondering lino or tiles? If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you may well be faced with a choice that has challenged home-owners for generations. This is the decision between ceramic floor tiles and lino, which has raged in a domestic setting for decades. While vinyl, lino flooring may have claimed the honours during the 1970’s and 1980’s, however, there is no doubt that ceramic tiles have dominated the consumer market since the turn of the century. Considered as being far more modern and visually appealing in the modern age, it also offers practical benefits that can tempt the typical home-owner.


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But what exactly are these, and why are home-owners continuing to eschew lino in favour of ceramic floor tiling? Consider the following: –


Floor Tiles vs Lino – what’s your opinion?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each..will it be Lino or Tiles?

Ease of Application and Maintenance

If you have ever attempted to lay lino or vinyl flooring, you will probably wish that you had never bothered. The ends hardly justifies the means, while maintaining this material can be difficult over a relatively short period of time. In contrast, ceramic tiling is far easier to install and maintain, as individual components can be laid quickly and regularly cleaned without the need for special or expensive agents or solutions. Ceramic tiles are also are more stain resistant, meaning that they are more practical for large families with a number of children.

The Finished Aesthetic

Another common feature of lino flooring is its visually unimpressive visage, which is easily stained and worn over time. Ceramic tiles do not have this troublesome issue, as they provide a sleek finish in your kitchen and are durable against spillage, cracks and impact. The fragmented nature of tiled floors also makes it possible for creative home-owners to mix and match in the pursuit of a unique and stimulating visual effect, which is extremely appealing in an age where design trends are so important.

Take the Hassle out of Repairs

On a final note, it is worth considering the fact that ceramic tiles are far easier to repair should they incur damage. While surface stains and abrasions can easily be fixed, for example, even tiles that are cracked beyond repair can simply be removed and replaced with a matching product. All that is required is for you to adopt a proactive approach as a home-owner, by investing a readily accessible supply of adhesive and ensuring that you purchase one or two extra tiles when you initially hit the shops. This will help to exacerbate the speed of the repair even more and enable you to protect the integrity of your flooring.

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So have you decided –  will it be Floor Tiles vs Lino?

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