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The benefits of intergenerational family trips

Today – The Benefits of Intergenerational Family Trips

When I think back to the highlights of my childhood, what I got as a Christmas gift or a birthday present is not top of the list. I don’t remember the specifics about things I owned at all. What I remember in pure, vivid colour are outings we had as a family. These outings, especially the intergenerational ones were really precious and stay etched on my memories. I am a big believer in families and nurturing and cherishing relationships between different strands of family members. The benefits of family trips are many.

Here’s what I think we gain from them.

benefits of intergenerational family trips


Benefits of Intergenerational Family Trips


Quick visits can often be filled with tea, a catch up between parents or some practical jobs being carried out to support older family members. They are not always fun for children or conducive to building memories. The TIME we have on a family trip allows more bonding to take place and for everyone to really get to know and be comfortable with each other. Time is very precious in relation to the older members of our families, we never know what time we have, so making time for trips together can be absolutely precious.


I always had so much fun on family trips. My grandad and his love of ice cream added a whole new dimension to days out. Sometimes we would have 3! My great uncle used to make us laugh with the absolute silliest of jokes and my granny was always up for giggles too. My granny was a wheelchair user and pushing her in her wheelchair could be really hard work but so worth it, it was such a treat to be out and about with her. These days it is just so easy to buy Electric Wheelchairs from Pro Rider Mobility, it would have made family trips so much easier. No matter what the physical limitations of a family member, these days intergenerational family trips can be so much simpler! And really, it is so lovely to include everyone.

Stories  & Memories

I remember going on holiday to Ingoldmels with my grandparents, mum, sister and aunty. Grandad went out to use the loo very late at night and never came back! We were searching for him with torches in our pyjamas for about an hour. A little disoriented by the dark he had wandered into the wrong caravan park. Oh my!  This is the stuff of family stories/history. Family trips away create so many of those ‘Remember when…’ moments.


I have few of my family still alive and my photographs of times we have together are so absolutely precious to me. Family days out together not only give you stories and memories but they give you these precious photographs too. I introduce my kids to their ancestors through photographs and I know without these family events we would have had far less.


So yes, intergenerational family trips and days out are of such value. They are full of fun and allow us to share memories and stories and precious time with those we love and oh, don’t forget the photo opportunities! I highly recommend you get one booked in. Your child and your parents will absolutely thank you.


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