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Benefits of Super Greens Powder: Do You Really Need It?


You have probably heard many times through the years, either from nagging from your parents to lectures from your doctors about the importance of eating vegetables and fruits. You think you have enough of them, but… do you? Powdered superfoods were invented for that very reason: to improve your intake and fill veggie gaps.

As said by HealthCanal, superfoods are those that contain a high content of nutrients, as they provide many health benefits. So, a good greens powder supplement can be an excellent addition to your daily diet!

Choosing a good greens powder supplement is not easy in the sea of options present nowadays. But one thing that is certain is that if you have the option it’s better to choose an organic greens powder as it is the healthier choice.

What Are Supergreen Powder Benefits

As explained above, green powders are supplements designed to help you reach your appropriate daily intake of vegetables.

These super greens powders are the result of a combination of dried-up plants that get blended into a powder. They are known for providing important amounts of vitamin C, B6, B12, and vitamin K. The color classifies these foods within a group and thanks to its properties and all the nutrients they provide, a good green powder can bring many nutritional benefits to the table! 

Green Ingredients

Green drinks, green juices, green tea extract… they are all the rage, but… what is in them? Here are some of the most popular ingredients, present in many greens powders because of their nutrient density and overall health benefits:

  • Fruits like acai and berries
  • Leafy greens
  • Grape seed extract
  • Herbs 
  • Digestive enzymes  
  • Stevia leaf extract and monk fruit (natural sugar substitutes)
  • Oat grass, barley grass, alfalfa grass, wheat grass
  • Apple fiber, and rice bran
  • Plant-based probiotics
  • Maitake mushroom extract
  • Vegetables

How To Take Them

It is advisable, especially for people who are not used to it, to add them to a fruit smoothie, or that the product is flavored with the taste of some fruit, because otherwise, it is something “surprising” to take because of its taste, obviously very green.

Most recommend taking it in the morning. It can be taken in the evening. However, you should read the label before taking it at night, as some contain Maca or other products that may stimulate or disturb sleep.

The Nutritional Value of Veggies Powder

Natural Immune System Stimulants

Many greens also contain vitamin C, which is an important vitamin for boosting and promoting a healthy immune system. Wheatgrass, alfalfa, and barley help oxygenate the body, improving blood flow and are anti-inflammatory, supporting organ immune function and health. 

Healthy Blood Pressure And Heart Health 

According to this study, “after taking the supplement for 90 days, both systolic and diastolic blood pressure decreased significantly in the treatment group”. This means that super greens can prevent chronic diseases like high blood pressure and heart disease risk, thus being excellent nutritional supplements. 

They Are Full Of Fiber

Powdered greens come in balance with their high dietary fiber content. We generally need to include 30 grams of fiber in our diet every day for a good digestive system and gut health.

Among the super greens powder benefits, those that also contain probiotics increase intestinal flora, which also aids intestinal transit and helps with weight loss.

Natural Energy Levels

We are talking about foods with a high concentration of nutrients, so they will also provide a natural energy boost, which is often lost when we are reducing caloric intake. Also, many of these nutrients contain a high amount of protein. As they are of vegetable origin, they are easier to assimilate. Because of this, they can aid with gaining lean muscle tissue and providing healthy energy levels for exercising.

So, instead of using those energy drinks that have nothing but loads of sugar, you can use greens and superfoods!

Important Source Of Vitamins And Minerals 

One of the most obvious functions is to provide nutrients and antioxidants. If it is a superfood, that is what it will provide. It is a simple concentration of nutrients, without fats, gluten, or sugars. It has a high content of minerals provided by plants, including calcium and selenium.

Potential Risks of Greens Powder

Lindsey Desoto, RDN has an excellent point on this subject. She explains that “green powders tend to be very high in vitamin K. If you are taking Warfarin (coumadin), greens powders can significantly increase your vitamin K intake, decreasing your medication’s effectiveness. 

As such, you’ll want to work with your healthcare provider before taking them to find the best dose for you. It’s also important to stay consistent with your vitamin K intake after medication adjustments are made.

Additionally, compounds in greens powders such as wheatgrass and green tea may trigger allergic reactions in some people. People with food allergies should carefully check the ingredient label to ensure no allergens are present. Pregnant and lactating individuals should also consult their healthcare provider before purchasing a green powder supplement.


It is always better to consume fresh fruits and vegetables. However, whole foods in powder form are a must for a healthy diet, immune health and for preventing health issues as well, given that they can fill nutritional gaps in a diet with low intakes of vegetables.

Whenever you want to buy these products, read the label, especially depending on the specific functions you want to achieve.

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